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10 Requirements For A Good Advertising Slogan

Back in 2009 I found a way of assessing how good an advertising slogan is against ten criteria. It’s a system from

http://www.adslogans.co.uk/pages/slogananalysis.html called Sloganalysis®

An advertising slogan may be your USP or Irresistible Offer in its entirety or it can b a touchstone that expresses one of more core elements of your brand that you believe are important to customers.

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The 10 Elements In Sloganalysis®

  1. It’s memorable
  2. It recalls the brand name
  3. It includes a key benefit
  4. It differentiates the brand
  5. It reflects the brand personality
  6. It’s believable
  7. It’s strategic
  8. It’s competitive
  9. It’s original
  10. It’s not in current use by others

This is demanding.

The idea is that you grade you slogan – agree, neutral or disagree – against the ten statements and see how your overall rating looks.

If you’re interested in slogans, there is an updated website – http://www.adslogans.co.uk

“AdSlogans is a unique global resource for advertisers and ad agencies, comprising many thousands of English-language commercial advertising slogans, business, company, product or brand marketing slogans, taglines, claims, straplines, theme lines, endlines, payoffs, signatures, base lines, slogos (the slogan by the logo) and catchphrases.”

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