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180+ Marketing Tips by Fraser Hay

The full title of this book by Fraser Hay is

180+ Marketing Tips for the self-employed : The 3 Minute Marketing Brainstorm

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

Long list of things you could do in your marketing

I read this straight after reading the author’s 3 Minute Marketing Audit so the first point is that much of that book is repeated in this book including the marketing audit questions.

What we then have is a list of 200 marketing tactics you could be using. You may have seen a similar list in Guerrilla Marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson. No detail about any of them at all.

I’m in danger of repeating my review of the marketing audit book but I believe you need to concentrate your time, energy and money on having a few marketing methods that work very well and then, if you want more sales and profit gradually adding extra methods of reaching out to potential customers.

Suppose you use direct mail, a tactic I like despite the increase in postage costs. If you have a sales letter that works well, I think your first challenge is how you can optimise your direct mail activities. It’s well established that a sequential campaign if letters can work better than one, even repeating the same sales letter to the same people can work because marketing relies on repeated messages and timing.

I think lists like this can be useful for those people who think “I’ve tried everything and I’m not getting enough sales”. People have rarely tried everything and how you try a tactic matters hugely. Going back to direct mail, if you send a poor letter to the wrong people, it’s not going to work. To conclude direct mail doesn’t work is invalid.

I also think there is benefit in splitting up the tactics into the different purposes, as Brad Sugars does in his book Instant Cashflow, even though the book needs to be updated. This helps direct you to ideas that will generate more leads, convert leads into customers, encourage customers to spend more and buy more often

I’m not sure how up to date this book is. In browsing the lists, I saw the suggestion that you could create a squidoo page. It used to be an excellent method of gaining good search engine rankings without having a website. It ceased to exist after it was bought by Hubpages in 2014. Even that site seems to have lost much of its influence as other social media has developed and I rarely see it in the search engine results

Books like this can be worthwhile. Marketing is a bridge between you and your potential customers. You need to find a few methods that suit both of you. Suit you so that you do them consistently, both often and well. Suit the customers because it reaches them at a time when they are receptive to your marketing message.

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