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3 Reasons Why You Must Understand Why Customers Buy

Why do customers buy what they buy?

Over a series of blogs I’m going to examine this topic in detail and work back to various theories of human motivation which can be linked to the purchase decision.

People buy because they have a want or need that they cannot quickly or easily solve on their own.

But why do they want?

Why do they need?

There have to be deeper answers than simply saying that people buy to fulfil a want or a need.

Let’s first look at why this is important to understand.

Why Understanding Purchase Motivation Is Important To Business Owners

There are three fundamental reasons why a customer focused entrepreneur must understand why customers buy:

  1. When you understand why customers buy, you are crystal clear about the benefits, desired consequences and the ultimate goals that customers want. That means that you can design your product or service to deliver these benefits without being distracted by peripheral irrelevancies that come from over-engineering or over-specifying your customer solution.
    Who hasn’t become frustrated with the complexities of the video/DVD recorder which won’t do what you want but will seemingly do many things you have no interest in?
  2. You can focus your marketing money and time towards the prospective customers hot buttons. This makes your marketing promotion and communication process efficient and effective.
    Your customers understand what you provide and the right customers are attracted while the wrong customers (also known as time wasters) know that your product or service is not for them.
  3. By providing a tight match between the benefits your customers want, the benefits you promise in your sales process and the benefits your buyers receive, you create delighted, loyal customers who buy again and recommend you.

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