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7 Steps To Unstoppable Income Webinar – Rich Schefren

Who do you trust in Internet marketing?

The big gurus including Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker and Andy Jenkins are under attack as members of the Syndicate  by the Salty Droid blog and others. This is a mastermind group or “cartel” depending on who you listen to. It’s become popular to “have a go at the gurus”.

One man I trust and who has stood above the shenanigans that has been going on with the big product launches for the last 18 months to 2 years is the man known as the “guru to the Internet marketing gurus”, Rich Schefren.

I intend to write about the Syndicate activities in a separate blog but I think it’s worth reading my November 2009 blog on my Online Profits blog – How To Protect Yourself Against Guru Greed if you have concerns.

Back to Rich Schefren

I want to tell you about a great webinar presentation Rich Schefren has put together called the 7 Steps To Unstoppable Income (affiliate link).

It was Rich back in 2006 who first talked about the dangers that lie ahead for anyone wanting to make money on the Internet with an opportunity seeking mindset in contrast to a strategic business building approach. If you haven’t read the legendary Internet Business Manifesto by Rich, then get it now (affiliate link) – it’s free and it certainly made me think about what I was doing.

The 7 Steps To Unstoppable Income webinar builds on that report and the two that follow, The Missing Chapter and The Final Chapter because the underlying purpose is to promote the upgraded Business Growth System 2.0 coaching program which made the Rich Schefren reputation.

The Business Growth System was the first big guru program I bought, back in 1997 and I love it. I have written a long Business Growth System Review on this blog.

One warning.

The course isn’t for everybody… just people serious about building a long term business on the Internet. If you want to jump from one opportunity to another and don’t see it as a problem then you won’t benefit.

The 7 Steps To Unstoppable Income webinar is excellent and highly recommended even if you have no intention of buying the program. In fact if you feel you are chasing opportunities but you never seem to find the end of the rainbow and the legendary pot of gold, I’d rate it as a must see.

This could be the wake-up call you need and the webinar is packed with ideas and information.

7 Steps To Unstoppable Income – affiliate link

Two extra reasons why you should see the 7 Steps To Unstoppable Income webinar:

  1. Rich Schefren has created a superb example of how providing relevant information targeted to a particular buyer problem creates great marketing. You should study the approach very carefully because you may be able to use something along similar lines in your business.
  2. If you look very carefully I’m mentioned in it – you may not care but I was chuffed.

For the last few years the gurus have stood over the world of Internet marketing, influencing and some would say controlling much of what is happening in the market.

Many of them are in retreat. Frank Kern says he has retired, Mike Filsaime is planning to concentrate on software development and others have gone very quiet.

I have mixed views on what’s been happening but from my own buying experience, the general quality of the programs sold has been very high.

The Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker is a) expensive at the standard $1997 when you think in terms of digital downloads but b) when it is put to work effectively, it can creates millions of dollars because the techniques and tactics covered are so powerful. You can see the proof for yourself in what the gurus do as they combine the PLF with the power of joint venture emailing to big lists.

When the problem is that people move from one thing to another without ever effectively implementing anything, it seems right to turn back to Rich Schefren who first identified this opportunity seekers dilemma – the more you jump backwards and forwards, the less progress you make.

The 7 Steps To Unstoppable Income webinar  which is playing at various times – is a great chance to stop and pause and ask yourself whether you are working to a clear purpose or whether you let opportunities distract you from where you really want to go.

7 Steps To Unstoppable Income Webinar -affiliate link

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  • Paul Simister June 10, 2011, 10:27 am

    This webinar from Rich Schefren has been replaced by another – From Frustration To Freedom.

    It still promotes the Business Growth System coaching.

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