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9 Key Website Optimization & SEO Strategies by Warren Kannuck

The full title of this book is by Warren Kannuck is

9 Key Website Optimization & SEO Strategies to Guarantee Website Conversion Success

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Three Stars.

Here is my review.

The short book has quite a wide scope

The book starts with a waffle on content management systems which is more relevant for people who want to buy a website and less relevant for those of us who have made the decision.

After that, the book has sensible tips to help give visitors confidence and to encourage them to take action.

One silly thing is that the book talks about five things you need to get right on your website. Fair enough but the heading for the first is…The first thing to get right about your website and yes, the next headings are second, then third…. This makes reminding yourself what they are much harder than needed and the Kindle table of contents is underdeveloped.

After talking about conversion, the book goes on to give tips about search engine optimisation and shows that the basics don’t need to be scary.

The problem with the book is that it has a title with a very wide scope and, since it’s quite short, it can’t go into areas very deeply . This makes it a book more suitable for beginners than those who have operated websites for years.

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