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90 Shades of Innovation by Alexander M Schmid

The full title of this short book by Alexander M Schmid is

90 Shades of Innovation: Explorative Questions for the Business Model Canvas.

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book 2 Stars.

Here is my book review.

Just questions, no explanations

The full title promises 90 questions to help you with the business model canvas and 90 questions is exactly what you get. There are ten questions for each of the nine sections, so some feel more forced than others.

There is no discussion of the canvas.

No explanation of the questions, comments about any weaknesses in its logic or the common mistakes people make when using it. No checks that there is a logical flow, just the questions.

When I reviewed the book which introduced the business model canvas, Business Model Generation, I felt design style threatened to overwhelm the content. The canvas is an excellent idea since it helps business owners and managers to think through the design elements of the business. The book didn’t provide enough information how to do it and the follow up on Value Proposition Design suffered from the same issues.

Since there is a need for a second book, and this isn’t it, unfortunately I don’t see a third book being used.

This is an opportunity missed. I can’t recommend it.




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