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Accelerated Business Growth System

The Accelerated Business Growth System is the compilation of the best business development ideas from Peter Thomson, the UK’s leading business growth expert.

It is not to be confused with the Business Growth System from Rich Schefren.

>>> Comprehensive Review Of Rich Schefren’s Business Growth System

What Is The Accelerated Business Growth System?

The Accelerated Business Growth System is a 36 module multi-media business development system which also includes personal development.

This combination of business and personal development makes a great deal of sense but it is often missed from business programs.

To change and improve your business often means that you as the business owner also have to change. How you set goals and plan for the future, how you manage your time, how you influence people to accept your ideas.

I am planning to feature the Accelerated Business Growth System regularly on this blog as I feature particular modules and blog around the business development program.

For more details see Accelerated Business Growth System

My blog has drifted too far into Internet marketing, partly because that is where a lot of the recent launches have been so it is nice to come back to an excellent, very comprehensive business growth system for real businesses with real products and services.

Peter Thomson has written a great report 7 Common Business Mistakes which you can download for free.

The Accelerated Business Growth System Is Also Available As The Probiz Edge

Peter Thomson has licensed the Accelerated Business Growth System to the PROBIZ Network of accountants in the UK to deliver business growth coaching.

If you would prefer to be trained/coached rather than work through the modules on your own, I recommend that you Google PROBIZ Edge and your local area to see if there is a PROBIZ member who provides business growth coaching based on Peter Thomson’s business development ideas.

It is my understanding that not all PROBIZ members will provide the PROBIZ Edge as for some the material is a stretch from their usual accountancy/tax work. However many PROBIZ members have great commercial reputations and extensive experience in the world of general business development and the PROBIZ Edge is a natural product extension.

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