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Actions To Take To Define Your Work Life Balance P2M2 Part 5

This is an essential step to help you to get your business and life in the right perspective.

Only you can decide what it is.

  1. Do the “as is” and “will be” Venn Diagram of your life and business. Seeing things and thinking in pictures can give you a different insight.
  2. Set your personal vision and mission. Decide what you want and over what time period. Pick a time period you can work with and go through the important relationships in your life and decide what you want.
  3. Define your business vision and mission (you will probably come back to edit it later but get something out of your head and onto paper). Think about what your business needs to deliver to you, your customers and the other important stakeholders including employees, suppliers and society.

Try to be specific. The more bland you are, the less power and energy you’ll derive from your efforts.

Put your ideas away for a couple of days and come back.

Re-read and ask yourself:

  • So what?
  • Who cares?

Is what you’ve written motivating to you and will it motivate others?

Are you creating a game that’s worth taking part in and will give you back generous rewards?

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