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Advertising Mistakes: Don’t Make It Hard To Respond

I was listening to a Jay Abraham course recording this morning when I was out walking my dog. It was one of the $15k Boot-camp recordings for the Jay Abraham proteges.

One of the proteges was telling a story about a full page advert for computers in a computer magazine with a coupon at the bottom.

Sounds impressive so far.The full page should get noticed, the coupon is there to get a response and clearly people interested in buying computers read computer magazines so the advert was pitching to the right market.

The problem was that the advert was set in reverse print, white on black. That means instead of having black print on a white background, the advert had white print on a black background.

Now a full page advert with lots of copy in quite small print in reverse type is hard to read and tiring for the interested prospect.

But it got worse. The send-back coupon was also in the same reverse print.

Does anyone have a white pen I can borrow?

The moral of the story is to check and make sure that you don’t make it hard for any prospects to respond to your adverts.

A couple of months ago I was looking to book a holiday and I spotted a few interesting ads in the Daily Telegraph Travel supplement on Saturday and the Sunday Times Travel supplement the next day. Some adverts told me they weren’t open until Monday morning, others didn’t so I tried calling. The phone rang and rang with no answer.

Don’t let your interested prospects escape. Help them to take action immediately because otherwise you will are relying on them to remember and be sufficiently motivated to do something one or two days later. But by then they may have found someone who is interested in their business.

Let me know any more examples please because it can be very effective to show how people just get it wrong and it’s so much cheaper to learn from other people’s mistakes.

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