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Difficult Times & Turnaround Books

These books are written to help your business to survive, perhaps even thrive when times are hard.

A number of things can cause difficult times:

  1. The economy is bad – we normally experience recessions every seven to ten years in the UK.
  2. The market is bad – either the market for the product or service is in decline or a price war has stripped away profit from the supplying side.
  3. The business is bad and needs a turnaround. This may be because of mistakes made by the business owner or management team – also please see the books on profit and cash flow improvement.


Turning a Business Around: How to Spot the Warning Signs and Ensure a Business Stays Healthy by Mark Blayney – An easy to read guide for owners/managers of businesses in trouble.My Review

Turning a Business Around: How to Spot the Warning Signs and Ensure a Business Stays Healthy by Mark Blayney

The book is available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Hope Won’t Pay the Wages: How to deal with the personal impact of a struggling business by Andrew R Miller – A great help for struggling business owners. My Review

Hope Won't Pay The WagesThe book is available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk



Face It & Fix It: How to Avoid Disaster and Turn Around Your Small Business by Mac Attram – A practical book that looks at the causes of business failure. Amazon.co.uk

Unstuck: How Businesses Get Stuck & How Your’s Can Get Unstuck by Kenyon Blunt – A very good book for business owners who are stuck Amazon.co.uk

Breaking the Circle: Vicious circles in business by Gabor Holch – An interesting book to help you get unstuck. Amazon.co.uk

Guerrilla Marketing During Tough Times by Jay Conrad Levinson – Well worth reading when times are tough. Amazon.co.uk

How to Get Unstuck: 25 Ways to Get Your Business Growing Again by Barry Moltz – An interesting look at common mistakes and how to fix them Amazon.co.uk

Business Turnaround – How to do it: A guide for advisers and managers by Harry Moore – A good summary of how to professionally manage a business turnaround. Amazon.co.uk

Turnaround Guidelines for Businesses in Decline or Distress by Hendrik S. Palm – This is a short guide on the turnaround process. Amazon.co.uk

The Turnaround Experience: Saving Troubled Companies by Thomas F Schopflocher – A practical book on turnarounds. Amazon.co.uk

Turn Around Your Business by 5 PM by Maurice Stein – The title of this book gives the wrong impression but it is good for business owners who feel stuck. Amazon.co.uk

Unstuck: A Tool for Yourself, Your Team and Your World by Keith Yamashita – A systems approach to why businesses get stuck and how to get them unstuck. Amazon.co.uk


The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth in Tough Economic Times by Jay Abraham – Disappointing book, lacking structure and organisation Amazon.co.uk

Summary: The Sticking Point Solution: Review and Analysis of Abraham’s Book – Not the place to start with Jay Abraham. Amazon.co.uk

How to sell and market your way out of this recession and get your business buzzing like never before (even though your customers don’t want to know!) by Nicholas Bate -a short book with the emphasis on general sales techniques with a few extra tips about recessions. Amazon.co.uk

The Worst-case Scenario Business Survival Guide: How to Survive the Recession, Handle Layoffs, Raise Emergency Cash, Thwart an Employee Coup,and Avoid Other Potential Disasters by David Borgenicht & Mark Joyner – A helpful guide for any business owner with a business in trouble. Amazon.co.uk

Tough Tactics for Tough Times: How to Maintain Business Success in Difficult Economic Conditions by Patrick Forsyth – Sensible ideas of good management but it’s not a turnaround style book. Amazon.co.uk

A Health Check for Your Business by John F. Gittus – Help to spot problems in a business before they become too serious. Amazon.co.uk

Harvard Business Review on Managing Through a Downturn – A collection of articles for downturns and turnarounds. Amazon.co.uk

Breakpoints: Where Businesses Get Stuck… and How They Get Unstuck! by Larry Kesslin et al – An interesting book about the growing pains as companies get bigger, in the form of a business fable. Amazon.co.uk

Surviving a Downturn: Building a Successful Business…without Breaking the Bank by Jeremy Kourdi – a wide ranging book with plenty of tips for the difficult times. Presentation issues cost it a star. Amazon.co.uk

Business Turnaround in 7 Easy Steps by John Quinn – A short guide to help you improve your business. Amazon.co.uk

Turnaround Strategies for Customer Centric Operations: Turn-by-Turn Directions on the Path to Recovery by Illeana Roman – Propaganda for turnaround managers. Amazon.co.uk

The 10 Day Turnaround: How to Transform Your Business Virtually Overnight by Darren Stephens & Spike Humer – I’m a fan of Spike but I was disappointed in this book although it’s strong on leadership and mindset. One star lost because extra resources listed on a website are no longer available. Amazon.co.uk

How to Save a Small Business: When you can’t afford to lose it by Ian Turner – Helps you to face up to the issues. Amazon.co.uk


Beat the Recession: A Blueprint for Business Survival by Nicholas Bate – A worthy aim but it fails to deliver anything of substance. Amazon.co.uk

Small Business Ideas: Tips For Saving a Struggling Small Business by Manual Jobs – A short book but it needs editing. Amazon.co.uk

Streetwise Small Business Turnaround: Revitalise Your Struggling or Stagnant Enterprise by Marc Kramer – Not nearly as helpful as I’d hoped. Amazon.co.uk

11 Keys To Successful Business Turnarounds by Trevi Lim – Confusing and poorly structured. Amazon.co.uk

Surviving the (Never-Ending) Downturn by Tom Peters – A series of bullet points. Amazon.co.uk


Kick This Recession In The Butt by KE Hall – nothing more than a pamphlet with free software that Google and Norton AntiVirus warn against downloading.

Redesign to Turnaround Underperforming Small and Medium-Sized Businesses by Regis Quinn – It needs better editing.

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