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Attract First Rate Customers by Dov Gordon

How To Systematically And Consistently Attract First Rate Customers by Dov Gordon

Book Review Rating – 5 Stars

Dov Gordon is known as the Alchemist Entrepreneur and is a business coach based in Israel who specialises in helping business owners to attract better quality customers and clients.

He is also a friend of mine.

What makes Dov different from the crowd of business coaches who believe they can help you to get more customers is that he has a special focus on clear thinking.

The problem with the rush to easy and quick solutions peddled by the Internet marketers is that they downplay the need for thinking. The entire pitch is based around do this (or even worse, install this bit of software) and you’ll be on your way to riches.

That’s nonsense. The real world doesn’t work like that.

But it does reward the entrepreneurs and business owners who engage their brains and think.

In “How To Systematically And Consistently Attract First Rate Customers” Dov has created a thinking system for getting more and better quality customers but to get the benefits, you’ll have to use it.

You will have to think and decide.

The Problem With The Way Most People Think

Most people rush to thinking about “how” without giving anything like enough attention to the “what they want to achieve”.

This is a big problem because if you’re not clear about the “what”, you have no chance of finding the best “how” except through sheer luck.

Even worse, Dov has found through his coaching and training, when people are challenged to think about the “what”, their brains jump into “how” mode.

It’s as if the human race has been mentally programmed to think in a muddled and unclear way.

I’m in danger of getting on a hobby horse here because I believe there is a major problem with our education system. In general, children receive little tuition in “how to think”, either logically or creatively. Instead there is a rush to teach geography, history, chemistry, physics and all the other specific subjects.

Helping Your Prospective Customers To Buy

Dov’s system is not so much based around selling as helping your potential customers to buy.

This isn’t a system of persuasion.

In the book, Dov says “the whole PURPOSE of your sales process is to show how your product or service is consistent with what your customer already wants, believes and values.”

He goes on to say that you can’t change someone’s mind but you can reframe your product (or their problem) in a way that fits with the existing beliefs.

That may sound controversial. You may want a sales system that changes the minds of your prospects but I’d like you to stop and think about your own experience as a buyer.

Which works better:

  • A sales person arguing that you are wrong and he or she is right? or
  • A sales person who starts from where you are and gently shifts your perspective based on helping you to achieve your objectives?

I’m sure you agree it’s the second option. That will help you to understand the power of Dov’s system.

The Five Levels Of A Sales System

Perhaps that should be “helping a customer buy system” but I’ll let that pass.

On Dov’s website, he sets up the process from the buyer’s perspective with five questions.

From the seller’s perspective, the system needs to:

  1. Get potentially interested buyers to raise their hands
  2. Build trust in your business and your solutions
  3. Discover the specific needs and wants of prospects
  4. Recommend a solution and get the order signed and money paid
  5. Build up the ongoing business

The book then goes into detail on how to do these steps.

The issue of focusing on your first-rate customers of AAA customers as Dov sometimes refers to them as, is dealt with in the first section.

It’s consistent with my own views that you need to decide on the “who” before you can create a compelling message to attract them.

The system is more suitable for people who are getting ready to buy rather than those who are ready and looking for an immediate solution. Winning trust is an essential element of Dov’s system and that often takes time.

It can of course be short circuited if you are clearly acting in your customer’s best interests. This is consistent with the strategy of preeminence.

>>> The Strategy Of Preeminence And Your Marketing Mindset

This is a much deeper concept than establishing a superficial rapport based on finding common interests and similarities. Trust is rarely given without being earned.

Throughout the book, the author lays out exercises for you to do.

If you’re going to get the best from the book, you MUST do these.

Remember Dov’s emphasis is on clear thinking and you won’t get the maximum benefits if you refuse to think deeply and clearly about what you want to achieve with your selling system and how you can achieve it.

Every business is different. The book has a process for helping you to design an appropriate approach for your business and industry.

Review Rating For How To Systematically And Consistently Attract First Rate Customers

You can buy this ebook as a pdf from Dov Gordon’s website:


If it was available at a normal price as a kindle book, I’d be giving it a 5 star review but it is sold as at a premium price.

This gives me a couple of problems:

  1. I don’t like reading pdfs on my PC. My success rate for finishing them is low and I refuse to print them off because of the printing costs on an inject printer.
  2. You can read it on a tablet but I don’t find the pdf formatting as friendly as a kindle and it reminds me that it is expensive although I was lucky enough to be sent a review copy by Dov (I did say I was a friend).

I think you should read this book if you’re having problems converting leads or if you’re not naturally attracting the type of customers you want.

It isn’t cheap but Dov Gordon is standing behind the product with a guarantee and, if you buy the platinum or diamond versions, they have a better than money back guarantee. Work through it and if you’re not convinced, he’ll pay you an extra $100.

This commitment from Dov that you will get results provided you work through the system for 8 weeks and post the results on his Alchemy Entrepreneur private forum so he can give you feedback on your progress means that the book keeps its deserved five star rating.

For more details, click over to his website:


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