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Boost Your Sales by Lisa Sasevich

The full title of this book by Lisa Sasevich is

Boost Your Sales: How to Use Irresistible Offers… Without Being Salesy

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

A poor educational book but a fascinating pitch

First don’t bother with the Kindle sample. It only has testimonials for the author and the index of chapters so it gives you no idea of what the book is really like.

If you’re interesting in learning how to speak to sell (stage presentations, talks to small groups, webinars, teleseminars etc) and you have a “heart centred” business (i.e. you want to help people rather than just make money) go ahead and risk the current price of 99p.

What you’ll get is a Kindle book that is much more of a sales pitch for her Speak-to-Sell Virtual Bootcamp for $997 (that includes a special $1,000 discount) than an educational book.

It goes something like:

1) The author is wonderful. Successful in business and as a mother.

2) You are well meaning but you don’t have the success you deserve.

3) You can be like the author if you learn to speak to sell.

4) Other people have done it, you can too.

5) Here’s a brief summary of how it works.

6) You want/need this so you should take up the offer while there is a discount.

OK that’s a brief simplification but you can see the overall themes. As I was reading the book, I was thinking that it’s really a transcript of a sales presentation or webinar because it keeps talking in a one to many way that reduces the normal, direct intimacy between author and reader.

I thought that I was going to ask for my money back… even 99p matters but in the end, I decided that there is value in here but it needs work to get it out. By the time I’d finished, I wanted to learn how to speak-to-sell even though I don’t really. On that basis, there is some magic here.

One interesting point that did make an impact was the difference between internal tension and external pressure.

The author’s approach is described as how to make irresistible offers without being salesy. OK that’s debatable in some ways because there is an offer and she talks about restricting the time to accept or limiting the quantity available for sale.However the tension I feel and that could drive me to action is internal. The author didn’t know who I was and can’t follow up so she’s not exerting any pressure but her pitch has created internal tension by sparking desire for something I don’t have.

As an educational book, it’s lucky if it gets 2 stars but as an example of how to make a pitch, I give it five stars. You could analyse this intensely to understand the clever little tricks in play but it will require considerable effort and you may decide that it’s better to pay $997 to be spoon-fed the steps to learn her Signature Talk Formula.


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