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Business Model Canvas by Sebastian Buch

The full title of this book by Sebastian Buch is

Business Model Canvas: From the idea to business model

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a One Star rating. This means it is Very Disappointing.

Here is my book review.

Very disappointing, ridiculously short

I bought this “book” and it is ridiculously short. Amazon says it had more than 100 pages but my kindle version has 113 locations and the page numbers at the bottom keep jumping. I don’t know what’s going on and there isn’t a table of contents to point towards missing chapters that weren’t downloaded. (Update – I’ve now noticed that the cover says includes 100 templates so I’m guessing that the physical book has 100 pages of templates.)

I read the first part which I thought was introducing the canvas and was astonished when I came to the end.

This is a shame. I feel there is a market for a good book on the business model canvas. The original book by Osterwalder etc looked great but I thought it was short on detailed guidance and examples.

This is a tool that I think can be very helpful to guide your thinking about a new or existing business but it can also be misused. I’ve seen too many forms that are superficial and don’t illustrate deep thinking about why a business should succeed.


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