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David Garfinkel Copywriters Podcast

I’m not sure how I found it but I’ve been listening to the

Copywriters Podcast with David Garfinkel

a great deal recently.

I recommend it very highly and if you’re interested in copywriting, I think it’s well worth your time.

Of course there are a lot of copywriting podcasts produced at the moment and many of them are packed with information. It’s hard to know where to go. [continue reading…]

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Introducing Ask Drayton from Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird is a legend in copywriting circles as he sold his own agency to David Ogilvy and worked with Ogilvy for many years. At Ogilvy and Mather, he was vice chairman and worldwide creative director of the agency which is now called OgilvyOne, according to his entry at Wikipedia.

Ogilvy is on record saying “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”

Another important point is he’s British.


Because the British are generally quite reserved and can find the American direct response copywriters as brash. That’s not to say the techniques don’t work in the UK, just that there is more resistance but once hooked… [continue reading…]

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What Was Your Profit Club?

Before my health problems started. back in 2009, I started working on a low cost membership website to help business owners to improve their performance using my improvement framework, the Eight Pillars Of Business Prosperity.

Along with my big health problems in 2009 and 2010 and my partner being diagnosed with cancer in between my two scares, I set up a website called Your Profit Club. At that time I was using the brand name Your Profit Coach so it was a natural extension. [continue reading…]

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The Jay Abraham Giveaway – 50 Shades Of Jay

Jay Abraham is a hero of mine.

When I moved my focus from helping medium sized businesses within groups to smaller owner managed businesses, I became addicted to his marketing ideas and even had a blog called the Jay Abraham Addict.

If you read or browse through my book reviews, you’ll know that I gave two of his books a five star recommendation.

Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got

The Mr X Book aka Money Making Secrets Of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham…

[continue reading…]

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Income Before You Buy Review

Income Before You Buy is the best low cost business growth training aimed at small business owners that I’ve seen. It is so good that I stopped any plans I had for developing my own because I knew I could never match the scope and professionalism of this website based system.

>>>Income Before You Buy – affiliate link

Background To Income Before You Buy

It is one version of the business growth training websites developed by Karl Bryan and Adrian Ulsh.

>>>Income Before You Buy – affiliate link

In fact, it is Adrian’s own website. [continue reading…]

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Copywriting Master Formula by Robert Stover

Hold on to your hats, this is going to sound complicated but it’s worth putting the little grey cells to work by understanding the Copywriting Master Formula.

What I particularly like is that it has the buyer’s decision making model at its centre and how, through copy, you can help the prospective customer make a sensible decision.

Getting into the buyer’s mind is a very sensible way to think about copywriting and is a very different approach to something like AIDA (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action) that will talk about first creating great headlines to attract attention by interrupting the buyer.

The Formula

It was developed and promoted by copywriter Robert Stover.

Copywriting Master Formula

What do the letters stand for? [continue reading…]

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Rich Schefren Audio Dispatches

If you’ve been a member of Rich Schefren’s Founders Club, you’ll know how good his audio dispatches are each week.

Rich is probably the most thoughtful of the Internet marketing gurus and one of the three that I give most attention to (the others are Ryan Deiss and Glenn Livingston if you wondered).

Each week he sends out a short, thought-provoking mp3 recording with a pdf transcript if you prefer to read.

These are the short briefings he prepares for his private coaching clients before he starts the Q&A sessions and he thought it would be a good idea to share them with Founders Club members. [continue reading…]

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Paul Lemberg FormulaFIVE

Top US business coach and consultant Paul Lemberg (founder and chairman of Quantum Business Coaching which has changed its name to Axcelus) has teamed up with Internet Marketing training company StomperNet to bring you FormulaFIVE.


[continue reading…]

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The Eight Pillars Of Business Prosperity

I believe that there are eight core elements or pillars to any business – what I call the Eight Pillars To Business Prosperity.

You need to be working on each of them to get the best results from your business but you should prioritise your attention to the pillar that provides your biggest constraint. This is stopping your business from developing in the way you want.

What Are The Eight Pillars Of Business Prosperity? [continue reading…]

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Accelerated Business Growth System

The Accelerated Business Growth System is the compilation of the best business development ideas from Peter Thomson, the UK’s leading business growth expert.

It is not to be confused with the Business Growth System from Rich Schefren.

>>> Comprehensive Review Of Rich Schefren’s Business Growth System

What Is The Accelerated Business Growth System?

The Accelerated Business Growth System is a 36 module multi-media business development system which also includes personal development. [continue reading…]

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