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Continuous Improvement to Company Financial Performance by Yann Ginon

The full title of this book by Yann Ginon is

Continuous Improvement to Company Financial Performance The Human Factor: Understand and deploy Value Stream Mapping, Theory of Constraint and Lean6Sigma to transform your company into a cash machine

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book One Star.

Here is my review.

The author should start again

About 25 years ago I read The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt and thought the way novel business ideas were woven into a compelling story was brilliant.

Since then, I’ve read a few more of these business novels but none have matched the lasting impression of “The Goal” but never before have I seen the concept reduced to gibberish.

The author probably thought it was a brilliant idea to write a novel about Value Stream Mapping, the Theory of Constraints and Lean6Sigma and perhaps it is but the execution of the idea is awful.

The first problem is that the book doesn’t so much tell a story but consists of dialogue between the management team and a “black belt” sent by head office. It seems that you have to be a talented writer to create compelling exchanges because this is incredibly dull and stilted. Secondly, the speakers are given a name the first time they are introduced but are then to initials which makes it hard to remember who has what role. This might have worked if the General Manager was called George Mason, the production manager Paul Morgan and the black belt Barry Baird but without those clues, I was lost.

What we’re left with is nonsense. My advice to the author would be to go back to “The Goal” and other successful business novels and see how dialogue is combined with descriptive text about scenes, situations and characters. I’d then suggest he read a book about how to tell a story as there are formulas that help build tension and encourage the reader to continue.

Next find yourself an editor who will challenge you as well as pick up on the misspellings, punctuation and grammatical errors.

Then start again. There might be a good story to tell about how Value Stream Mapping, the Theory of Constraints and Lean6Sigma can transform business success but I know this isn’t it.

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