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Copywriting Headlines 2015 – Cosmopolitan Sex Headlines by R. Michaels

The full title of the book by R. Michaels is

Copywriting Headlines 2015 – Cosmopolitan Sex Headlines: Turn Your Advertisement Into A Cash Producing Machine

In my review posted at Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

Interesting but could have been much better

The headline in an advertisement is often described as “the ad for the ad”.

It’s designed to interest you enough to want to know more so that you keep reading. By mixing a combination of news, benefits and curiosity, it’s tough to learn how to write great headlines.

Cosmopolitan has long been cited as a great source because of the intriguing titles on the cover of the magazine which can make it hard to resist reading the articles.

This book allegedly includes over 1,000 of these titles. For some reason the number sequence starts at 1 and counts to 99 and then starts again. Since it’s Cosmo, many of these are sexy/rude depending on your sensitivity.

On the one hand, the compiler has done a great job of bringing together these headlines because you’ll find yourself intrigued by some if not many and you’ll feel for yourself the emotional pull that you need to find to tempt people to read your marketing.

On the other hand, the author has left the headlines to do all the work. There’s no commentary or explanations and no analysis to find the generic headlines they often use. I’d have liked the author to do much more to save the readers a laborious, albeit interesting task. Ideally I’d have liked to have seen some organisation of the examples into different groups.

You’ve heard the cliche “Sex Sells” and it’s why both women buy this magazine instead of others and why their brothers, boyfriends or husbands have also picked it up to read those titillating articles. Few of us enjoy selling such an exciting item which is why it’s hard to make these directly relevant to other topics.

This could have been so much better.

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