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Cuddling Up At 560mph

I love South Africa but hate the ten or eleven hour flight. We’d also love to visit Australia and New Zealand but that’s more than twice as bad.

I was interested to read that Air New Zealand have introduced a new way for economy class passengers to travel in economy class.

It’s called Skycoach and is available on the  Boeing 777-300ER.

It turns the window, middle and aisle seats into a single space which the airline calls a couch designed for two. The armrests are stowed away and the leg-rests rise to fill the foot-wells to create what you might think of as a flat-bed (except that it’s a little narrower than the luxury beds at the front of the plane.)

It’s a tight squeeze for two people to cuddle up.

I’m not sure it’s right for me – I’m just too big (but it’s not the time for me to rant about size-ist policies).

But I do think it’s a creative solution to an irritating problem and I wish Air New Zealand well with it.

I’d say that this is differentiation by how.

You’re still flying from A to B and arriving at the same time so the basic service is the same. But how you are doing it is that bit different and hopefully more comfortable.

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