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Defining The Work In Your Work-Life Balance P2M2 Part 4

Over the last few days we’ve looked at the issue of work-life balance, talked about living life with purpose and intentionally, knowing what you want and working out how to get it.

Now it’s time to turn the spotlight on to your business.

It business has a vital role:

  • In what it takes from you – the opportunity cost of the time and energy it takes
  • In what it gives back – in terms of money to support the lifestyle you want

Define The Deal – Employees Know The Hours, Pay and Benefits, Why Don’t You?

If you were the shareholder who employed a Managing Director or CEO, you’d have to define the deal in salaries, benefits and future opportunities.

Do the same for yourself and make it something you can achieve with an ambitious stretch.

It needs to be challenging without being impossible.

Define your deal:

  • The time you will give to your business during the working week and the holidays you will take during the year.
  • The money you will expect to be paid by the business.
  • The results you want the business to achieve and the satisfaction you’ll get from achieving the targets.

The Sweet Spot Between You And Your Customers

It’s time to focus on customers.

You need to find the sweet spot where customers wants and needs and the owner’s wants and needs overlap rather than compete in a “I win-you lose” situation.

Your inspiration to build your business may come more from what you can do for your customers than from you having a better lifestyle and more money.

Start thinking about what customers want and how you can build it into your business vision and mission. There is a lot more about this in Pillar 3 on Your Market Position

The Strategy Of Preeminence

I had a real eureka moment when I first discovered Jay Abraham’s ideas on the Strategy of Preeminence.

I see it as the finest way to create the mindset which creates a win-win situation by focusing on value for customers and owners.

Read: The Strategy of Preeminence (This includes a video of Jay Abraham explaining why this is such a powerful technique.)

Would you prefer to buy from someone who is prepared to sell you anything or someone who is protecting you and looking out for your best interests?

The more you help your clients make the correct decisions based on what’s good for them, the more you become the trusted adviser whose advice they rely on.

The strategy of preeminence is a powerful way to overcome any inner resistance you have to sales and marketing (link). You’re not selling because you want more more money but because you genuinely believe in your products and services will be of great assistance to the buyer.

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