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Frank Kern Core Influence

Internet marketing guru Frank Kern has an interesting exercise called Core Influence.

The basic idea is to describe your perfect day and find your Primary Driver Emotions.

Watch out for bad language in this video or a much longer version that is available on YouTube.

The idea of a perfect day translates well into the life of an Internet millionaire who works for a couple of hours in the morning but perhaps not so well for the rest of us.

You can take the idea and instead, think through your perfect week or your perfect month.

Just try to find the right balance between your work and the time you spend with your immediate family, individually or separately, with your wider family and friends.

In a perfect month, you can have that romantic two night getaway with your wife, the game of golf with one friend and the sailing experience with another, the day at the seaside with the kids etc. You can have the complete family Sunday roast with your parents and your in-laws etc.

Remember the idea is to try to live intentionally but you need to know what you want.

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