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Gun To Your Head Marketing & Copywriting

“Gun To Your Head” copywriting and marketing is a phrase that I first heard from the late, great Gary Halbert and the idea has also been promoted by John Carlton.

The concept is simple.

What would you do in your marketing if your life depended on making that particular advertisement, letter or website page sell

Would you write a weak headline that doesn’t grab attention and make it irresistible for anyone reading it to walk away without finding out more?

Would you keep quiet about why your product or service is the best choice for the right kind of customer?

Would you say little and hope that the reader has magic psychic powers and would instinctively know why you had such a great deal?

Would you avoid answering common objections and obvious questions that may stop someone from buying?

Would you hide the great testimonials that you’ve received from happy customers?

Would you make sure that your potential customers knew that they were bearing all the risk of the transaction?

Of course you wouldn’t.

Because there’s a gun to your head.

And if the marketing doesn’t work, your brains will be splattered on the floor, the walls and the ceiling.

Should you lie and make yourself sound better than you are?


That would be wrong and lead to many more problems.

But you should do whatever you can to turn a potential prospect into a qualified lead and then a buyer.

Are you using the gun to your head marketing approach?

Or are you holding something back?

And if so, why?

If you don’t want more customers, then don’t do so much marketing.

But if you are going to promote your business, try to make it as compelling as possible.

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