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Home Care Business Marketing by Julie Johnson

In my review of

Home Care Business Marketing

by Julie Johnson posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Two Stars.

Don’t Bother With This One

A a business coach I work with many different types of business and I’m a big believe in niche marketing books that give me insights into different professions, trades and industries.

I’m interested in the things that make success in a particular type of business that are different to what creates general success. Things like insights into emotional triggers that create needs and wants, ideas on how the market can be sub-niched and what makes those niches special, different ways of reaching out to potential customers that are outside of the ordinary techniques, case studies of success etc.

The worst type of niche marketing books are those written on a cookie cutter approach where the advice is standard but the particular trade or profession is pasted into the text to make it look as if it’s written for specific business types.

This looks as if it has been based on a generic marketing book but some of the examples and contents are tailored to the market but I find it hard to believe that this is written by someone well experienced in successfully marketing home healthcare. It’s also American so there much missing about the home care sector in the UK.

I really wouldn’t bother with this book. There are some excellent generic marketing books which will help you provided you put in the effort to think through how ideas and concepts apply to your business. I’m also hoping that there is at least one book written by a marketing expert who is experienced in this market.


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