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How To Get Awesome Website Conversion Rates by James Timus

The full title of this book by James Timus is

How To Get Awesome Website Conversion Rates: Fast acting top tips to improve your website traffic

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Three Stars. This means it is Worthwhile.

Here is my book review.

A series of books about Internet marketing

This is a bit odd.

The first book is about getting traffic from search engine optimisation, social media, article marketing, pay per click and other sources.

The first, second and fourth bonus books are also about getting more visitors to your website. Bonus book 3 is about website conversion.

That’s the book I’m reviewing and not the entire set of books. It has 110 separate tips organised into a few chapters. The majority focus on conversion issues for an ecommerce website although a few are more about getting traffic.

These are sensible, practical ideas and most of them are easy to do. The book doesn’t go into any detail on advanced topics like A/B testing or how to use rather than be overwhelmed by the information available from Google Analytics.

Nor does it focus on lining up issues between paid traffic sources and specific landing pages which is unfortunate. I’m surprised by how often I click on a specific ad in Google and I’m taking to a general landing page or where an offer seems hard to find.

I haven’t read the traffic books but I think it’s a very nice gesture of the author to include them. The author should however re-jig the file so that each starts with the book people think they are buying.

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