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How to Get Selling on AdWords Fast! by Claire Jarrett

In my review of

How to Get Selling on AdWords Fast! by Claire Jarrett

posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a rating of Four Stars. This means I consider it to be good.

Here is my book review.

A very nice guide to AdWords but it was published in 2012

This is a classy book about Google AdWords which does a great job of explaining how pay per click advertising works and how you can bend the system to work in your favour.

The drawback is this was written in 2012 and Google continue to develop their system. Whilst it includes retargeting it doesn’t deal with extensions. The biggest change happened in 2016 when the right hand column of advertisements was abandoned and the size if the advert increased significantly. With more selling space, this will increase the need for better copywriting.

The book would be stronger with two extra chapters. The first would give more tips about the landing page since the advertising only pays if clicks turn into sales. The second would be a chapter on mistakes to provide extra focus on things that make AdWords expensive.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

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