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How to Keep Your Clients If You’re a Personal Trainer by Julian Flynn

In my review of

How to Keep Your Clients If You’re a Personal Trainer

by Julian Flynn posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Three Stars. This means Worthwhile.

Here is my review.

Good practice or common sense?

This is a short, practical guide to use good practices in your personal training to keep clients.

In many ways, what’s in this book is just common sense. e.g. chapter 1 is set goals and get an idea of what the client wants.

What’s missing from the book is a marketing consideration of how to keep clients for the long term. While the book advises (chapter 5) that if the client gets bored, you should switch it up, there’s nothing in here about offering upsells to clients who want to do more or down-sells if the client is struggling to keep paying your normal fee.

I’d have also liked to have seen guidance on getting happy clients to give you referrals. Not only does it expand your client base, it also helps to cement the value you bring for the client making the referral.

If you’re a new trainer get the book. It’s a quick read and, at less than one pound, it doesn’t cost much. It might remind you that you need to do certain things in your training sessions.

If you’re well established, I’d be surprised if you learn much unless you have a retention problem and need to go back to basics to work out why clients are leaving sooner than you expect.

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