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Introduction To Your Inner Game P2M1

Welcome to Pillar 2 of the Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity which focuses on how to win Your Inner Game.

In this series of modules you will clarify a strong vision for what you want personally and for your business.

You’ll also discover how to make your vision impact on everything you do so you take consistent steps towards achieving it.

From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

In Pillar 1, Your Key Numbers we looked at how you create a set of measures to monitor where you and your business are at any time.

In Pillar 2 on Your Inner Game, we focus on where you want to go and what you personally will do to help you get there.

Do You Have A Clear Destination?

The principle is simple.

You need a clear destination for the future.

If you don’t know where you are going, you are surrounded by limitless options, opportunities and false hopes.

And if you don’t know where you are and where you’re going, you don’t know which direction to take.

Life gets very confusing.

So many things you could do and so little time to do them.

It’s just like being lost in a strange City without your smartphone and without a map. Everywhere you look, there is a road you can walk down but which will get you back to your hotel? And what road was your hotel on anyway?

By working on your vision, you’ll be much clear on what you want and don’t want. Life will be simpler and easier.

You’re no longer lost in the strange city. You know where you are, you know where you need to be and, with the help of the map, you can start walking in the right direction.

The Right Mindset

Once you have a clear vision, you need to develop the right mindset to turn your  dream into reality.

You do that by identifying intermediate goals and action steps.

Then you need the commitment and discipline to do what you need to do.

Like magic, self discipline becomes easier when you have a compelling big goal which you care about passionately. You can see how your actions fit into your master-plan – and how not doing what’s necessary holds you back.

Wanting What’s Possible

I believe in big goals and powerful dreams but there has to be some realism about what is possible.

In Pillar 3 on Your Market Position we look at what’s possible from the market’s perspective and whether you can do what’s necessary to win.

As a little boy I wanted to be King of England (to be politically correct Great Britain and Northern Ireland). I learnt that there were a lot of people between me and the throne.

The idea of being King had to be taken off my agenda.

Our Forward Process

Please don’t get frustrated because growing your business is not a simple, linear process.

It’s not a case of doing step 1, then step 2 until you get there.

It can’t be.

Things change so you will find yourself coming back to your vision and goals and resetting them.

For example, you can’t earn £1 million profit each year from selling typewriters to your local market, no matter how much you’d like to because typewriters are an obsolete technology in these days of PCs and notepads.

You need to keep coming back to these three issues:

  • What do you want?
  • What can you do?
  • What will the market – your customers and competitors – let you do?

What Is Included In Pillar 2 Your Inner Game

In Pillar 2 we have separate modules to look at:

  • How to fit together your personal and business vision and purpose. You need to find the right work-life balance for you and your family
  • How to have the right mindset for attracting what you want and for making money. Too many people self-sabotage their own success
  • How to set goals by working back from where you want to be. It can be much easier working back from what you want and seeing what needs to be in place to succeed… than trying to edge forward from where you are.
  • How your strengths determine what you should be doing and what you should delegate. For your business to be successful, you need to be giving it your best. This module will break any feeling that you need to be doing everything.
  • How to set priorities for what you do. Few things are guaranteed about owning your own business… but I think one of them is that there will always be more things you could do.
  • How to manage the way you use time.

Six Honest Serving Men – The Art Of Asking The Right Questions

Rudyard Kipling wrote:

“I keep six honest serving men

(They taught me all I knew):

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who.”

These are six power-packed questions which most of us don’t ask often enough about our own lives.

For business planning I’d change the order

  • Why – have a business?
  • What – will it do?
  • Where – will it operate?
  • How – will it work?
  • Who – will it serve and who will do the work?
  • When – will different stages of building the business be finished?

It all starts by understanding how your business and personal lives should fit together.

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