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Jay Abraham Free Book – How To Get The Money For Your Great Idea, Start-Up or Expansion

Jay Abraham has released three full length books on pdf today. All he asked is you tell 25 entrepreneurs you know.

The first is called

How To Get The Money For Your Great Idea, Start-Up or Expansion

This is what he says…

“It’s a one-of-its-kind, tour-de-force, derailed guide for how to get capital, investors, partners, joint venturers, and/or co-branded partners. It contains instruction, role play, probability and outcome scenarios, and proactive responses.

And it has 40 case study examples — analyzed from both the investor and borrower/equity seller’s dual points of view.

Probably most valuable, however, is the entire segment of the book focused on what to do if you can’t get capital — contingent strategies like joint venturing, performance marketing, using OPR’s (other people’s resources).

Nothing remotely like this exists. Blockbuster instruction, powerhouse alternative ways to get the outcomes your business needs. Unimaginably clear-cut, step-by-step instruction.

285 profit-oozing pages. All gratis. Sells nothing.”

You can get it here.

My Thoughts

I haven’t read it yet but I can tell you:

  1. Jay Abraham has been a major influence on my thinking about business growth, opportunities for profit and marketing.
  2. His book “Getting Everything You Can…” is one of the books I recommend all business owners read.

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