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Jay Abraham Free Book – No Limit – The Limit is Only In Your Brain

Jay Abraham has released three full length books on pdf today. All he asked is you tell 25 entrepreneurs you know.

The second is called

No Limit – The Limit is Only In Your Brain

This is what he says…

“Book two is a rough English translation of a huge bestseller I co-authored in Japan to help the estimated 35,000 young adults who every year commit suicide — because they feel helpless, hopeless, purposeless, irrelevant in their career, life.

No Limit – The Limit is Only In Your Brain provides a strategy for gaining passion, a mammoth sense of purpose and possibility.

It’s actually a surprisingly inspiring read for any entrepreneur who may have lost their way, feels helpless, deflated emotionally and beleaguered.

This is a rough draft done by a well-intended Japanese translator, but it IS imperfect. Nevertheless, I sense working through it is more than worth the trouble.”

You can get the book here.

My Thoughts

I haven’t read it yet but I can tell you:

  1. Jay Abraham has been a major influence on my thinking about business growth, opportunities for profit and marketing.
  2. His book “Getting Everything You Can…” is one of the books I recommend all business owners read.
  3. This seems very suitable for business owners who feel stuck because the business is struggling. I’m not so keen on the “rough draft” issue but it’s very relevant to people who read my blog.

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