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Jay Abraham’s Strategy Of Preeminence

The Strategy of Preeminence is a fundamental mindset attitude in the work of Jay Abraham, the American marketing genius.

Quite simply it is the ability to put your client’s needs ahead of your own. To do what is in their best interests and to show that you really care about making their lives better through your product or service.

The Importance of the Strategy Of Preeminence

It will make you and your business stand out from the crowd and it lies very much as a core philosophy of my own customer focused entrepreneur concepts.

You see many businesses are in business for themselves and not for the benefit of their clients.

Do your competitors have the attitude of “take the money and run” as they promise whatever they have to in order to get the first sale? If they do, then they often over-promise and under-deliver and that gives you opportunities.

Their customers are left bruised, battered and annoyed by the experience so the chance of repeat business is negligible.

But that’s not the way Jay Abraham works.

He believes that you should be making your profit through repeat business with existing clients and through referrals from those clients. And the massive amount of money he has made for his clients (measured in billions until it got so big he stopped counting) shows that he is right.

So you have to show the client that you really care about them and the outcome they get from your product and service and when necessary put their needs ahead of your own.

This definition of customer v client is critical and Jay Abraham uses definitions from Websters dictionary.

A customer is someone who buys a commodity product or service.

A client is under the care and protection of another.

The difference in a world when we are fighting to avoid being treated as a commodity is crucial.

You don’t sell anything to a client. You only sell products and services that will give them the benefits that they want.

If a client asks for a product that you know is wrong for them and won’t do what they want, you have a duty to educate them.

Under the Jay Abraham concept of the Strategy of Preeminence, you confirm your understanding of what it is that they really want and then explain why the product they wanted is not right for them and point them towards another one that you can recommend with confidence.

And you do it even if you make less money on the deal. The point is not to maximise the profit on a transaction but helping you to maximise the profit you make on the relationship with that client.

Learn the Strategy of Preeminence from Jay Abraham’s own words.

Here is a video of Jay explaining the strategy of preeminence at a recent T Harv Eker event. This starts suddenly but the preceding video on You Tube is mainly fluff

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