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Map Out Your Work Life Balance As Venn Diagrams

I’d like you to do a little exercise for me.

Do you remember Venn Diagrams when you were at school – those circles that overlapped with common items in both.

I think them a useful way to think about your work-life balance and I’d like you to think of your business and your life as circles and draw your current work / life balance.

Your Current Work-Life Balance

Perhaps you’ve drawn a big circle for your life and inside it a small circle representing your business…

That’s what anyone representing a life-style business would do.

The business doesn’t exist outside of them but there is much more to them than the business.

I hope you haven’t done it the other way around…

A big circle for your business and your life circle inside it, completely surrounded by the business.

If you have, then you acknowledge quite simply that your business is your life.

More likely, you have drawn the two circles intersecting…

  1. A big shared area which represents the hours you spend at work or thinking about work.
  2. An element of your business which exists outside of you and can carry on without you.
  3. An element of your life that is not trapped inside your business.

If now that I’ve explained, you don’t think you got the current balance captured correctly, have another go.

The two circles and their relationship represents your starting point in finding the work-life balance you want.

Your Future Work-Life Balance

Next I want you to draw your two circles for how you want them to be.

If your business circle is currently totally immersed in your life circle, you may want to do what I did several years ago.

I was tired of always selling time for money and I wanted to build up other streams of income.

It certainly helped when I was ill for a long time in 2009 and withdrew from working with personal clients.

Now there is a business that exists outside of me through my Internet activities and it generates cash all by itself.

If your circles share some common ground but also have their own spaces, have you got the balance right?

Draw the relationship you want in the future it’s just a simple little commitment to yourself before we get into the more detailed work.

There are 168 hours in a week.

Eight hours sleep a night takes up 56 hours leaving 112 for eating, domestic chores, family responsibilities, work and fun/relaxation.

How should it be split?

Do you really want to spend 12 hours a day at work, 7 days a week and then collapse in front of the television at night, fall asleep until you wake up in the dark with a blanket over you?

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