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Marketing Checklists by Yaakov Bloch

The full title of this book by Yaakov Bloch is

Marketing Checklists: Frameworks that every marketer should know

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a 2 Stars rating. This means it is Disappointing.

Here is my book review.

High level academic notes

This isn’t so much a book of checklists but a book of high level notes on marketing. It’s the highest level I’d put on to index cards when I used to revise for exams.

It is not suitable for someone who has little experience or knowledge of marketing.

It is a very dry read and it’s packed with jargon. It’s based on academic, big brand marketing rather than practical direct marketing that’s most suitable for small businesses.

I don’t remember seeing social media mentioned, Google As pay per click campaigns, direct mail, flyers. Nothing about offers or testing.

I’m left puzzled about who this is written for and I can’t imagine recommending it to anyone.

That said, as I was reading it, there were times when I found myself thinking “I’ve forgotten about that.”

It’s not worthless but I found myself wondering whether it deserved 2 or 3 stars. Perhaps I’m being harsh but I’ve edged down to what I feel is a level that means “disappointing” because I had hoped for more.


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