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Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin

The full title of this book by Seth Godin is

Meatball Sundae: How new marketing is transforming the business world (and how to thrive in it)

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave this book Two Stars.

Here is my review.

Combining good things can create something horrible – this was long-winded with little substance

I was very disappointed is this book.

There’s no doubt about it, Seth Godin is a leading thinker on marketing but I found this book long-winded and with little substance. Irritatingly this is a book I’d flicked through in a book store and bought. I think I must have read the few good bits. It rarely kept my attention and I think it’s made up of blog posts which, while connected, don’t seem to run into each other very well.

I love the metaphor of the Meatball Sundae – it’s the result of combining two good things together and creating something messy and disgusting because the flavours clash.

Meatball Sundae is based around a series of trends:

1 – Direct communication and commerce between producers and consumers
2 – Amplification of the voice of the consumer and independent authorities
3 – Need for an authentic story as the number of sources increase
4 – Extremely short attention plans due to clutter
5 – The long tail
6 – Outsourcing
7 – Google and the dicing of everything
8 – Infinite channels of communication|
9 – Direct communication and commerce between consumers and consumers
10 – The shifts in scarcity and abundance
11 – The triumph of big ideas
12 – The shift from how many to who
13 – The wealthy are like us
14 – New gatekeepers, no gatekeepers

I felt it was a marketing pitch to corporate America rather than a useful guide to small businesses worldwide. Many of the examples used weren’t familiar to me and that inevitably reduced their communication power.

I thought it was a waste of my time reading it but I kept hoping for something better to come through because I had faith in Seth Godin. Sadly I think he has created a Meatball Sundae himself.


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