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30 Day Business Coaching Boot Camp

Is Your Small Business Stuck Or Struggling And You Need To Make Changes FAST?

Your Solution

My 30 Day Business Coaching Boot Camp For UK Business Owners

If you feel that standard weekly based one to one business coaching isn’t likely to give you the quick boost in performance you need, then the 30 Day Boot Camp spread over six weeks is for you.

The purpose of the Boot Camp is to deliver quick change in your business by making sure you’re focusing on your highest priority items to improve profit and cash flow every day, so that your business keeps moving forward.

This may not be for you. It’s not for someone who would just like to improve performance but isn’t totally committed. It’s for people who need to improve quickly. It will be fast-paced and tough.

You’ll be aware that the sooner you start, the easier it will be to turn around the performance of your business.

The Key Features

  • A weekly coaching session, so that’s six in total.
  • Daily reporting in for the other 24 working days, updating me on your progress on the day’s goals, any problems experienced so we can fix them and any other suitable feedback, and confirming your goals for the next day. This would normally be done by a 20 to 30 minutes phone call in the late afternoon or by email if necessary.
  • I’ll respond to issues raised to make sure that you’re on the right track, giving you additional support when you need it.

The Coaching Boot Camp Isn’t Right For All Business Owners

It’s NOT for businesses who are likely to be insolvent in the next six weeks. If the thought of imminent bankruptcy or liquidation has occurred to you because your cash flow problems are so severe, you should be talking to an insolvency practitioner right now.

It’s NOT for businesses that are in a complete mess with their record keeping and have no idea what is happening or what the trends have been. This is sadly a common reason why small businesses can’t be turned around when they’re in trouble and time is short.

It is for businesses who have the resources to survive throughout the Boot Camp period and beyond.

Perhaps your business has been on a slow decline for months or things have turned nasty recently but you know that you can’t continue for month after month as you are.

Things have to change and they have to change fast.

You recognise you need your thinking to be challenged when it’s harming you and encouraged when it helps, to identify what needs to be done as a priority, review options for how to do it, make the decision to take action and then follow through.

The Big Benefits

The entire purpose of the Boot Camp Coaching is to get you much closer to owning a business that will thrive over the longer term.

You will set our objective but it may stretch beyond 30 days. These six weeks will get many of the changes in place and build forward momentum.

We will turn around these negative trends in your business that are causing you sleepless nights, improving your profitability and cash flow.

Key Criteria

  1. It’s a huge help if you have good financial records that are up-to-date and a good bookkeeper or accountant.
  2. You need to provide a good product or service for a fair price. The business needs to have a viable core that will succeed in the marketplace. To turn around a business that’s bad at what it does, will take much longer than 30 days.
  3. You need to have some money. A proportion of my fees is paid upfront, there are some books I want you to buy and you will probably need to pay for extra marketing costs, perhaps hiring a copywriter, some bookkeeping or accountancy support, or even redundancy money if you need to make staff cuts. There’s no point knowing what to do, if you can’t make it happen.
  4. You must have a business that interests me. This is hard to define because I have wide interests But I have to want to be immersed in your business every day.

My Fees Depend On Your Success

I explain how much the Boot Camp costs further down but I need to explain the logic behind my fee structure.

There are two components:

  1. A weekly fee to get me to give you my time and attention.
  2. The balance of the fee which depends on success in your project and you getting excellent value for money.

How The Business Coaching Boot Camp Works

The First Step

First you need to take the Business SOS.

This gives us the chance to look at your business together or perhaps a significant problem that’s affecting your business. It gives us a chance to get to know each other and see how we respond to each other in a work setting.

This personal connection is vital. These 30 days are going to be intense. You’ve told me that your business must move forward and we can only do it through the actions of you and your staff.

The Second Step – The Diagnosis and Prescription Of Treatments

It’s almost exactly the same as when you have a health problem. You go to see your doctor, explain the symptoms and he or she will either send you for more tests or make an initial diagnosis and give you a prescription for a drug or two.

We need to understand what has caused the visible symptoms and come up with a likely diagnosis. We also need to judge, out of the different change opportunities available, which to focus on first.

I say we but I mean you.

Yes I’ll have my own opinions but I want to draw the issues out of you. No one knows your business like you do, once you take any blinkers off. I don’t know your customers, or your competitors or the people who don’t buy but could. I don’t know your employees or your suppliers.

I’m not going to impose my diagnosis on you. If you ask, I’ll tell you. If I think you’re going off in the wrong direction, I’ll push you back. We’ll talk. We might argue.

The Next Steps – Making Changes

The approach I favour is to test small, if things go well, test bigger and only if we’re still seeing strong results, push it all the way through your business.

Some times it will be necessary to be bolder. We’ll look at the risks and what we can do to reduce the impact of any negative consequences.

You’ll be asked to monitor results to see what is changing.

Exactly what we will do depends on the conclusions of step 2.

Review After 15 Days

It’s important that this Boot Camp is working so we will have a review on the 15th day.

This will determine whether:

  1. You feel you are getting proper value for money and will mean that you accept the full fee for the first 15 days is payable.
  2. Whether we should continue with the Boot Camp project.

If you’re not focusing on the items that you’ve identified as a priority, despite having to explain why to me, or the actions aren’t working as we expect, there is a problem. It suggests we may be wasting our time if we carry on.

Since the majority of my fee depends on your success, I need to believe that our work together will work and so do you.

Through To The End

Provided we both agree that it’s worth continuing, we complete the 30 days and review the progress we have made.

At the stage, your business should be significantly different from it was before we started:

  • Profitability should be improved.
  • Cash flow should be improved and you will be able to identify future stress points together with having performance indicators that will warn you if things start drifting again.
  • You will have a clearer direction of the future and what it will take to succeed in your business.

At this stage:

  • We will assess whether the Boot Camp has succeeded and how much of my remaining fee, I should be paid.
  • You might want to move to the weekly one-to-one coaching to keep you on target.
  • You might to try my monthly or quarterly monitoring service which keeps me interested in the progress of your business but involved to a much smaller extent.

I Can Only Take One Client Through The 30 Days Coaching Boot Camp At A Time

Availability of this programme is very limited.

It could potentially take up quite a lot of my time to give you my best ideas during these 30 days.

I can only take one business owner through the process at any one time.

If I’m well on the way to finishing one Boot Camp, I may be able to commit to a date when I can start another but that’s probably an issue for you. The entire purpose of the Boot Camp is to give you help you need quickly.

Reading Requirements

It is a good idea if you read several books before you start because it helps you to get up to speed with the way I think.

Profits Aren’t Everything They’re the Only Thing by George Cloutier (the link is to my review on this website)

It’s not a nice book but it will toughen you up.

Turning a Business Around by Mark Blayney (the link is to my review on this website)

This is an excellent, easy to read introduction to turnaround and I’d want you to read at least the first four chapters about the causes of decline and the need for a turnaround.

You’ll be reading much of the rest during the 30 Days Boot Camp because I want to minimise the amount of time I spend training you, and maximise the time we spend applying improvement methods to your unique business.

Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got by Jay Abraham (the link is to my review on this website)

This book is old but your immediate turnaround often depends on identifying what you already have that you can exploit for hidden profits and cash flow.

During our sessions, I will probably ask you to do more reading. The 12 Best Business Books is an obvious starting place although depending on the issues we highlight, it could be any of the five star books I’ve reviewed.

How Much Is It?

The 30 Business Coaching Boot Camp is currently priced at £4,000 but is likely to increase.

This is divided into:

  • Weekly fee paid up front – £250 for each of the six weeks, making £1,500.
  • The fee payable when you believe the first three weeks have been successful £1,250.
  • The fee payable when you believe the second three weeks have been successful £1,250.

I’m looking to give you a 500% return on your investment over the next couple of years so, to pay the second and third elements, you need to believe that you’re going to gain by at least £20,000.

Note this does not mean that you’ll have £20,000 extra in your bank account before you’re asked to pay but it does mean you should be seeing extra money coming into your business and that it should continue for the foreseeable future.

If you don’t think that’s going to happen, you can scale the fee back to what you feel is appropriate.

Where To Start.

The best place to start is the same as all my coaching, with the Business SOS.

This is a free 60 minute consultation to focus on how we can improve your business or one particular aspect of it.