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A Free Business Advice Session

A Free, Confidential, No Obligation,
60 Minutes One To One Business SOS
(Second Opinion Session)
To Help You And Your Business Get Unstuck
*UK Businesses Only*

If you’re frustrated because your business is stuck or struggling, I want to help you get unstuck so you can get back to enjoying your life as a business owner.

Email me at paul@plancs.co.uk, and ask for a Business SOS and then tell me why you’re stuck or read on to find out why I’m the person who can help you and your business during this challenging time.

Main Benefits If You’re Unsure What To Do To Fix Your Business

  • If you’re feeling trapped and short of options, then in the Business SOS call, we’ll find more opportunities to get you and your business unstuck and back to making more money.
  • Alternatively if you’re confused because you have too many ideas, I will help you to narrow them down to your best choices and then give you tips on how to implement them effectively.
  • Either way, I’ll help you to feel in more control of your business.

“Incredibly insightful, thanks.” Boris van Hemmen

“Our chat has been a big help. Thanks for the time and effort you spent.” Chrissie Vowles-Barrett

This SOS call is a practical business advice and coaching session to help you to move from where you are to where you want to be. You’ll get new insights and a clearer focus on what you need to do.

Get the help you want and need by emailing me at paul@plancs.co.uk, and asking for a Business SOS. Then tell me why you’re stuck so I can prepare properly and give you my best ideas.

Why Listen To My Business Advice And Coaching?

  • My core skills are in marketing, finance and business strategy.
  • My focus is on improving your profit and cash flow.
  • I’m a Chartered Accountant.
  • I have an MBA (master of business administration) degree.
  • I’m a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach.
  • I have more than 35 years business experience.
  • I’ve been a self employed business consultant, coach and advisor since 1995.
  • I work hard to keep my business skills up-to-date.
  • I’ve read and reviewed 414 business books.

A Quick Response

I know you want support quickly. My aim is to reply to your email within a few hours and to be talking to you within three working days.

Email me right now at paul@plancs.co.uk and tell me why you feel stuck and a little about your business or call me on 0121 55404057 to arrange an appointment. Emailing is best because  I much prefer time to prepare for our call so I can give you my best ideas.

You Risk Nothing And Have Plenty To Gain From A Business SOS

You can get unstuck provided your business hasn’t sunk too far into decline. Sadly a few business owners leave it too late to ask for help but promise yourself that you’re going to get help in plenty of time.

I am semi-retired and I only work with a small number of clients. This Business SOS is my way of giving much needed help to more business owners  than I can help through my paid services.

If you decide that you want to take things further, the way I work is very unusual. If we both believe there is plenty of opportunity for extra profit in your business, then I guarantee a 500% return on your investment in my fees. I also believe that I should be paid from the extra money you make and not before.

If you’d like to know more, please read FAQS About My Services.

Other Options To Get My Help

If you’d prefer to start with a shorter “getting to know you” chat before deciding if you want the free Business SOS, that’s fine too. Again, email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and tell me you’d like a chat before the Business SOS. This means I won’t do as much preparation but I’d still to like to know what your business does and your website address, if you have one.

Another option is that we can do the entire Business SOS by email if it’s hard for you to arrange a time to talk. Just be aware that I’m likely to ask more detailed questions up front before I start giving you my ideas because I can’t clarify if ideas are relevant when I’m not talking to you. Again email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and make it clear you’d like the email version of the Business SOS.

I also recommend you download and read my free report, The Six Steps Profit Formula. People tell me it’s very good.

Try Me To See How I Can Help You For Free

Email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and explain why you feel stuck and I’ll get back to you quickly.

Thank you for reading and, if you’re not ready to take action right now, please bookmark this page so that you’ve captured my Business SOS offer and contact details so that you can find it when you are ready.

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Paul Simister BA FCA MBA CGMC

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Sample My Business Improvement Ideas

To gain an insight into my improvement ideas you should read my highly rated free report, The Six Steps Profit Formula (click on link or the image below). The six steps can be used as a diagnostic aid to help identify where the main constraint lies in your business which may be causing you to be stuck. The report also has plenty of tips on how you can move your business forward.