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A Free Business Advice Session

If You’re A Business Owner Who Is Stuck & Struggling And Unsure How To Get Unstuck

Get A Free, Confidential, No Obligation,
60 Minutes One To One Business SOS
(Second Opinion Session)
With Business Coach, Paul Simister
*UK Businesses Only*.

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If you’re frustrated because your business is stuck or struggling, and you’re unsure what to do, I can help you get unstuck.

Nearly all business owners will get stuck as some stage and many get stuck regularly. Don’t stay stuck. It’s time to stop worrying and start taking action with this 60 minutes free session.

If you want quick, free help to get unstuck, email Paul Simister at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com with Business SOS in the subject line and explain why you feel stuck. Or if you’re thinking about a longer coaching/advisor relationship than one call, you may want to find out if I’m the right business coach and advisor for you before using this Business SOS as a way to try before you buy.

Why You Will Benefit From Listening To My Business Advice

  • My focus is on helping you to improve your sales, profit and cash flow after getting your business unstuck and re-focused. My core skills are in marketing, finance and business strategy.
  • I have more than 35 years business experience. I’ve been a self employed business consultant, coach and advisor since 1995.
  • I am well qualified. I am a Chartered Accountant and have an MBA (master of business administration) degree. I’m also a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. You can be confident you’ll get a professional service from working with me.
  • I work hard to keep my business skills up-to-date. I’ve read and reviewed on Amazon, a total of  490 business books. Yes this is geeky but I’m passionate about having the knowledge needed to help you. Here are my thoughts on the 12 Best Business Books for Business Owners.

The Sooner You Start, The Sooner You’ll Be Unstuck

When you ask for a Business SOS, you’ll immediately feel a little better. You’re no longer on your own because I will do my best to get you unstuck.

The focus of the 60 minutes session depends on how you describe the problem. If you’re not sure how to explain, I have a poll asking readers why their businesses get stuck and struggle. More than 100 people have already voted. >>> Poll – Why Businesses Get Stuck And Struggle?

In our session, I will move you forward and explain what you need to do.

You Can See This Business SOS In One Of Two Ways

This call can either be:

  1. A one-off, no obligation free service to help you now that things are difficult. Why am I doing this? I get a kick out of helping business owners and these 60 minute consultations help to give me variety.
  2. If you feel you might want ongoing help, you can see it as an introduction to my business coaching and advice . This is a “try before you buy” offer because, you’ll be only too aware that, regardless of how I’ve helped other business owners, what matters is how I can prove I can help you. Personal chemistry is also key.

You’ve got nothing to lose. I can help you or point you in the right direction.

Email me at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com and tell me why you feel stuck and would like some support.

Just be aware that my time for these sessions is restricted and I can only do two a week. Get in now and get towards the front of the queue.

If You Become A Client, I Get Most Of My Fees When You Confirm You’re Making The Progress

Because of the way I choose to work, mainly getting paid from the improvement in your results, it’s as important to me to choose the right clients as it is for you to choose the right business coach and advisor.

I have to be selective about who I can help and make sure you’re a business owner who wants to make changes and not just talk about making changes. I’m sure you know the type.

How you react within the Business SOS is an important part of my process and I must believe you are motivated to improve your business and you believe coaching is the best, perhaps the only way it’s going to happen.

The Business SOS service is more for established and young business owners than for people who are thinking about starting a business.

Introducing My Business Troubleshooting Session

For business owners who need more than a 60 minute consultation or coaching session but don’t want an ongoing coaching relationship, I offer a service that fits in between the free Business SOS and my ongoing one to one coaching.

I call it my Business Troubleshooting Session. It takes an entire morning with short breaks. To make sure we are right together, I’d like you to take up this free second opinion session (SOS) first.

Email me at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com and ask for a Business SOS, then tell me why you’re stuck. I only take phone calls by appointment.

What Other People Have To Say About This Free Service

As I said above, there is no obligation to buy my services and these comments are all by people who didn’t become clients but found my free advice very helpful.

“Incredibly insightful, thanks.”
Boris van Hemmen

“Our chat has been a big help. Thanks for the time and effort you spent.” Chrissie Vowles-Barrett

“After a turbulent period, I was lacking focus and drive. I  decided to use Paul’s free business SOS not expecting much, however, I received an in depth email which clarified my options and helped me implement immediate changes within my business.” Jill Crowther

Other Options To Get My Help

If you’d prefer to start with a shorter “getting to know you” chat before deciding if you want the free Business SOS, that’s fine too provided you’re looking for an ongoing relationship.

Email me at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com and tell me you’d like a chat before the Business SOS. This means I won’t do as much preparation but I’d still to like to know what your business does and your website address, if you have one.

Another option is that we can do the entire Business SOS by email if it’s hard for you to arrange a time to talk. Just be aware that I’m likely to ask more detailed questions up front before I start giving you my ideas because I can’t clarify if ideas are relevant when I’m not talking to you. Again email me at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com and make it clear you’d like the email version of the Business SOS.

I have written the following free reports. Download them to experience my ideas before you talk to me:


These last two websites have been taken offline while I make adjustments. By all means, email me and ask for the two you can’t get to.

Paul Simister BA FCA MBA CGMC