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A Free Business Advice Session

Get A Free, Confidential, No Obligation,
60 Minutes One To One Business SOS
(Second Opinion Session)
To Help You And Your Business Get Unstuck
*UK Businesses Only*.

If you’re frustrated because your business is stuck or struggling, and you’re unsure what to do, I want to help you get unstuck. You can then get back to enjoying your life as a successful business owner.

If you have any of these issues:

  • Your business is short of customers and sales;
  • Your profit is disappointing for the long hours you work;
  • You have hit an issue that is holding back your business and you feel uncertain what to do for the best; or
  • You fear losing control of your business as it tries to grow;

I can help you with my free 60 minutes Business SOS (Second Opinion Session).

You can see this either as:

  • A one-off, no obligation free service to help you at a time when things are difficult; or
  • As an introduction to my business coaching and advice if you feel you want or need ongoing help.

Let’s look at those two options before I explain why you should listen to me:

A One-Off No Obligation Helpful Call

My Business SOS is not a disguised sales presentation but an attempt to give those business owners who need a little help, the advice, support and encouragement they want. I do it because I enjoy helping people and, if I can solve your problem in the free session, I will. I don’t hold back.

A Free Trial Of My Business Coaching & Advice If You Feel You Need More Help

You’ll get the same Business SOS experience designed to show how your business can be improved and, hopefully, you’ll be impressed enough to ask about my services. That’s right, you have to ask.

Unlike many other coaches, if you then decide to become a client, I guarantee a 500% return on your investment in my fees and only ask you to pay when you’ve seen the improvement in your business.

In subsequent coaching calls, we’ll go on to develop a plan to help you get from where you are to where you want to be and then, implement the plan together, adjusting it when necessary.

Because of the way I choose to work, getting paid from the improvement in your results, it’s as important to me to choose the right clients as it is for you to choose the right business coach and advisor. I have to be selective about who I can help because I only get paid when you believe I’ve helped you significantly.

This Business SOS service is more for established business owners than for people who are thinking about starting a business.

To get this first 60 minutes free session, all you have to do is to email me at paul@plancs.co.uk, and ask for a Business SOS and tell me why you’re stuck.

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Alternatively, read on to find out why I’m the person who can help you and your business during this challenging time.

Why Listen To My Business Advice?

  • My focus is on helping you to improve your sales, profit and cash flow after getting your business unstuck and re-focused. My core skills are in marketing, finance and business strategy.
  • I have more than 35 years business experience. I’ve been a self employed business consultant, coach and advisor since 1995 and worked with different businesses ranging from the head offices of plc’s through to “one man bands”, just like me. These days I concentrate on helping owner-managers.
  • As well as having plenty of experience, I am well qualified. I am a Chartered Accountant and have an MBA (master of business administration) degree. I’m also a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. You can be confident that you’ll get a professional service.
  • I work hard to keep my business skills up-to-date. So far, I’ve read and reviewed on Amazon a total of  414 business books. Yes this is geeky but I’m passionate about having the knowledge needed to help business owners.
    Here are my thoughts on the 12 Best Business Books.
  • I have written the following free reports where you can experience my ideas:

To ask for a Business SOS, email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and tell me why you want help.

What Other People Have To Say About This Free Service

As I said above, there is no obligation to buy my services and these comments are all by people who didn’t become clients but found my free advice very helpful.

“Incredibly insightful, thanks.”
Boris van Hemmen

“Our chat has been a big help. Thanks for the time and effort you spent.” Chrissie Vowles-Barrett

“After a turbulent period, I was lacking focus and drive. I  decided to use Paul’s free business SOS not expecting much, however, I received an in depth email which clarified my options and helped me implement immediate changes within my business.” Jill Crowther

I Know You Want A Quick Response

I know you want support quickly. My aim is to reply to your email within a few hours and to be talking to you within three working days.

Email me right now at paul@plancs.co.uk and tell me why you feel stuck and a little about your business to arrange an appointment.

Sometimes I don’t feel I can offer enough help to justify taking up your time with a telephone appointment. In these situations, I try to give you the help I can by email.

You Risk Nothing And Have Plenty To Gain From A Business SOS

You’ve got nothing to lose from emailing me at paul@plancs.co.uk and asking for a free Business SOS and you could have plenty to gain.

Do nothing and you’re stuck with the problem. That doesn’t make sense and especially if the problem could be getting worse.

I am semi-retired and I only work with a small number of clients. This Business SOS is my way of giving much needed help to more business owners than I can help through my paid services. I accept that most people who take up this offer won’t want to buy from me but I enjoy the challenge of helping you.

If There Is Potential From Us Working Together On Your Business, I Guarantee A 500% Return On Your Investment

If you decide that you want to take things further, the way I work is very unusual. If we both believe there is plenty of opportunity for extra profit in your business, then I guarantee a 500% return on your investment in my fees. I also believe that I should be paid from the extra money you make and not before.

If you’d like to know more, please read FAQS About My Services.

Other Options To Get My Help

If you’d prefer to start with a shorter “getting to know you” chat before deciding if you want the free Business SOS, that’s fine too. Again, email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and tell me you’d like a chat before the Business SOS. This means I won’t do as much preparation but I’d still to like to know what your business does and your website address, if you have one.

Another option is that we can do the entire Business SOS by email if it’s hard for you to arrange a time to talk. Just be aware that I’m likely to ask more detailed questions up front before I start giving you my ideas because I can’t clarify if ideas are relevant when I’m not talking to you. Again email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and make it clear you’d like the email version of the Business SOS.

I also recommend you download and read my free report, The Six Steps Profit Formula. People tell me it’s very good.

Try Me To See How I Can Help You For Free

Email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and explain why you feel stuck and I’ll get back to you quickly.

Thank you for reading and, if you’re not ready to take action right now, please bookmark this page so that you’ve captured my Business SOS offer and contact details so that you can find it when you are ready.

You may also be interesting in seeing my list of the 12 Best Business Books To Give You A Great Business Education.

Paul Simister BA FCA MBA CGMC

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Sample My Business Improvement Ideas

To gain an insight into my improvement ideas you should read my highly rated free report, The Six Steps Profit Formula (click on link or the image below). The six steps can be used as a diagnostic aid to help identify where the main constraint lies in your business which may be causing you to be stuck. The report also has plenty of tips on how you can move your business forward.