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Short version

I have more than 35 years business experience including 20 plus years as a self employed business consultant, coach and advisor. I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant, have an MBA (master of business administration degree) and I am a Certified Guerilla Marketing Coach. My core skills are in finance, business strategy and marketing with an emphasis on improving your profit and cash flow. It’s an approach I call “the heart of a marketer and the mind of a finance director”.

If you’re feeling stuck because your business has lost direction or has an uncertain future, is struggling financially or the competition has become much tougher, I can help you in my free Business SOS consultation on the telephone or via Skype. Sometimes, fresh eyes and an independent second opinion, can make a big difference to how you see your situation.

There is no obligation but, if you decide to become a client, I guarantee a 500% return on your investment and believe that I should be paid from the extra money you make.

Just email me at and tell me why you feel stuck and a little about your business.

Longer version

Being stuck, frustrated, confused or irritated at your lack of progress are feelings I think just about every business owner will have at some stage.

There are many reasons why businesses get stuck, ranging from difficult trading conditions through to marketing difficulties and internal issues (in you or the business) which make managing the business tougher than before. The end result is that sales, profit and cash flow are under pressure and working in the business has stopped being fun.

As a business owner, you have a natural bias towards being in control and taking actions that move you forward. Unfortunately, being stuck changes everything.

You know something is wrong. The big block is that it is hard for you to see clearly and accurately why you and the business are stuck. You’re too close to the problem and you need “fresh eyes” to take an objective look at your business.

Just recognising that you are stuck and admitting to yourself that you probably need outside help are two big, positive steps. I’ll tell you about two more positive steps later on. The fact that you’re here, looking at my website shows that you want to take the necessary actions to get back in control.

That’s quite rare.

Research shows that many other business owners in your situation will bury their heads in the sand, refuse to look for help and just pray that things will get better on their own. Things rarely do, which normally means that, when these owners finally turn to others for advice, the problems are bigger, harder and more expensive to fix. There is even the danger that, if they leave it too late, they will find the overall business health is so bad, it is impossible to fix.

When you’re stuck, you need to do something but doing anything is hard precisely because you’re feeling stuck. You want the benefits of being unstuck. You want the renewed direction and passion you once felt for your business. You want the good feelings that come from getting things done and driving your business forward. But being stuck means you’re probably hearing too much negative self talk. By that, I mean those doubts that automatically go through your mind when you think about doing anything that might get you unstuck.

If only there was something you could try to get you unstuck. Risk free. That didn’t cost you any money.

There is.

You can accept my invitation to experience one of my Business SOS calls.

I can help get you “unstuck” in a 60 to 75 minute telephone/Skype session or, if it’s a complex problem, point you in the right direction. You might already believe you need business advice and coaching over a longer period, in which case this SOS call is a great way to test-drive my services. You don’t make any kind of commitment by asking for this free consultation and I have no bad feelings to anyone who decides they don’t want to work with me.

Just email me at and tell me why you feel stuck and a little about your business.

Let me explain why I’m the person you should contact for help.

Why Choose To Listen To Me?

I have more than 35 years of business experience, including over 20 years in my own business providing consulting, coaching and management services and, before that, I was a very commercial finance director. I specialise in finance, strategy and marketing with the emphasis on  improving sales, profit and cash flow. I describe my approach as the “mind of a finance director and the heart of a marketer” because marketing is my passion.

As well as being a Chartered Accountant with an MBA (a masters of business administration degree), I am a Certified Guerilla Marketing Coach, trained to help small business owners. I work hard to keep my skills up-to-date by reading and reviewing 353 business books so far. When you work with me, you have access to my knowledge backed up by my extensive business library from the world’s leading experts.

I don’t specialise in any particular type of business because I love the variety of different trades, professions and industries. These days I focus on helping entrepreneurs and business owners with businesses ranging from the “one man band” (just like me) to well established businesses with 50 or so employees but I’ve worked with much bigger companies in the past.

The true test of a business advisor, coach or mentor is not what they’ve done with other businesses but how well their business knowledge and experience can be applied to your situation in ways that you can understand and want to implement. It’s only by making changes that you’ll get better results. I recommend you test-drive me with a Business SOS (Second Opinion Session). You may find I can solve your issue for free.

Many business owners are sceptical of business advisors. There’s that old saying that “consultants will steal your watch and then tell you the time.” If you have lots of questions going through your mind, I’ve tried to answer them as clearly as I can on the another page. If I haven’t answered your main questions, you can add them as a comment or send me an email and I’ll get back to you with my answer.

If you’re ready to stop listening to your negative self-talk and start taking action, please email me to arrange your Business SOS appointment. All you have to do is contact me at and tell me why you feel stuck or describe your situation and I’ll get back to you.

Strangely, just writing down your issues and trying to describe them to someone else can be a big help. It gets them clear in your mind and it removes the negative emotions that comes with the stress and worry. Writing the email is therefore step 3 in helping you to get unstuck.

Step 4 is sending the email to me. I think you’ll find the some of the stress you’re suffering lifts straight away. You’ve taken positive action to get help. Now it’s my responsibility to respond. The feedback you get from me when we talk will help you to see your business situation more clearly and help you to focus on the possible solutions.

Later steps involve agreeing to a time to talk, showing up on time, being open and honest about your situation and listening to what I have to say with an open mind.

I might not be the right person to help you but please don’t put off getting help. You’ve started looking so see it through. Taking a small positive action like asking for a free Business SOS conversation really does make you feel as if you’re taking back control.

I’m writing a guide to help business owners get unstuck but it’s not ready yet but one of my other reports will help to inspire you and ask and answer questions about your business:

If you join either email list, you’ll receive news of my new report, Get Unstuck: A Guide For Business Owners when it is finished.

Even better, take the opportunity to get advice tailored to your special circumstances by asking for a Business SOS appointment by emailing me at and tell me why you feel stuck or describe your situation.

Why I Ask You To Email Rather Than Telephone

There are three reasons why email is the best way to contact me:

  1. It’s difficult to get through to me on the phone and if you need help, I want you to start the process right now.
  2. Telephone tag is frustrating for both of us. What you want to talk about is private and best suited to a pre-arranged appointment.
  3. You deserve my best ideas. I like time for research and thinking. Reading your website and looking at your competitors will help to focus my thoughts and make a big difference to the quality of our session.

I check my emails regularly during the day so you shouldn’t have to wait too long before getting a response.

What Happens In The Business SOS Call?

Let me explain the Business SOS process so that you can understand why you will find it so helpful.

There are three possible options and the choice is yours:

  1. We can focus on a single business issue that may be the cause of why your business is stuck and review the symptoms, the diagnosis of the underlying causes and the solution. You might want a second opinion on an idea solution you already have or alternatively, you might need ideas to consider.
  2. You can ask for feedback on a particular piece of marketing. For example we can look at a your website (provided it’s small) or an important landing page or we can review your Google Adwords account together. Alternatively you might prefer offline marketing techniques and have a sales letter (up to four pages), a newspaper/magazine advertisement or a flyer you’d like feedback about before you send it out.
  3. It can be a more wide-ranging session on how to increase sales, profit and cash flow in your business so set me a challenge. How much do you want to add to your bottom line?

If you’re interested, email me at right now and explain why you feel stuck. I think you’ll feel a bit better when you’ve started to reach out to me. I know I do when I’m stressed.

What Will Be The Outcome Of The Business SOS?


  • We might solve the issue in one session and you can move forward confidently on your own. Or,
  • I might not be able to help. My intention is to identify these situations in our first few emails and tell you so that you don’t waste an hour talking to me. Sadly some businesses can’t be helped. Their market may be in a long term decline or the directors may have delayed too long, using up the available time and money until it’s necessary to talk to an insolvency practitioner.
  • We’ll agree on a solution that puts you back in control and gives you back your determination to drive your business forward. You might need on-going support from a business coach, mentor or advisor to implement it over the next few weeks or months. The right person might be me or someone else who is a better fit with your personality or has the specialist knowledge you need or someone willing to take more risks because they don’t offer such client friendly terms and don’t guarantee your return on investment.

If you’re interested in the free 60 minute SOS consultation, please email me at and explain why you feel stuck.

Before we talk, I’d like you to read my free report, The Six Steps Profit Formula which is packed with advice on how to increase your revenue and profit. It also presents a framework that is a good way to review your business.

My Clients Tell Me I’m Very Good But I Don’t Know Everything

My business interests lie in the areas covered by marketing, strategy, finance/performance measurement and process improvement and will show through in improved sales, profit and cash flow.

If your problems are with managing people or any legal or regulatory compliance issues like employment law or health and safety, I’m not the person to call. If you’re after advice on accounting or payrolls including software, I’m out of touch. The same applies if you want tax advice because I don’t work as a chartered accountant, even though that’s one of my qualifications.

If you’re starting a business, I may not be the best person because many of my ideas work best when you’ve had in-depth experience of the market you’re targeting or when you can afford to take a few small risks to test customer reactions. I don’t prepare business plans because I believe that modern software makes planning easy and doing it yourself is a big learning experience for the business owner. I can review your business plan before you present it to a bank or other important third party and give you feedback to make your case stronger.

I Can Help If…

You need to increase the sales, profit and cash flow in your business or if you have a business problem that lies in the general areas of business strategy, marketing and performance measurement.

Why Not Try Me To See If I Can Help You For Free

Email me at and explain why you feel stuck and I’ll get back to you

Paul Simister BA FCA MBA CGMC

Sample My Business Improvement Ideas

To gain an insight into my improvement ideas you should read my highly rated free report, The Six Steps Profit Formula (click on link or the image below). The six steps can be used as a diagnostic aid to help identify where the main constraint lies in your business which may be causing you to be stuck. The report also has plenty of tips on how you can move your business forward.







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