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Business Coaching By Email

My Lowest Cost Business Coaching Solution For UK Business Owners Who Can’t Afford To Be Tied Down To Regular Coaching Sessions

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Business Coaching By Email

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When I was thinking about my business coaching offers, I set myself two challenges to deal with problems that had stopped business owners in trouble from working with me.

  1. How could I reduce my costs when I already have most of the fee payable on proving a business has been improved?
  2. How could I get around the time commitments imposed by a weekly coaching session when owners had businesses that required them to be reactive to customer needs?

Based on the coaching experienced I’d had, I realised that one-to-one coaching could be done through a forum or by email. Since I wasn’t running a specialised coaching where people could gain by learning from each other, I realised that email was the way to go.

Who Is My Coaching For?

Business owners – preferably people in sole control of their business although I’m happy to coach partners and co-owners provided we can all work together.

Businesses that are:

  • Stuck as in they’ve stopped growing or they’ve hit a fork-in-the-road and the business owners aren’t sure which way to go or
  • Struggling to earn a good profit that rewards the business owner(s) for their time, money and risks or
  • Owned by someone who feels they’ve lost their purpose and passion for the business but want to get it back.

The trade, profession or industry doesn’t really make a difference to my coaching because you’re specialists in your own area. I would exclude working with:

  • Businesses involved in animal cruelty.
  • Businesses who sell something so technical I can’t understand why people would buy it.
  • Businesses that don’t provide fair value for money or better.

What Are the Main Benefits Of The Business Coaching?

I define coaching as helping you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The main benefit is therefore getting you to your destination or closer to it, depending on how much you want to spend.

My coaching is tailored to your situation:

  • If your business is short of profit, we’ll look for ways to increase it.
  • If you need to decide between two main options, we’ll spend our time looking at them in detail and working through the actions needed as well as the consequences and the risks.
  • If you feel you’ve lost your way, we’ll try to get you reconnected with your business, what it means to customers and develop a plan for you to have direction as you move forward.

How Does The Coaching Work?

Like all my coaching, it starts with the Business SOS experience. This is your chance to try before you make an ongoing commitment as we look at an important issue in your business. It’s my chance to see how you react to what I have to say, both good and bad, and to assess how motivated you are to assess the situation.

This will have to be done by Skype or telephone if we’re going to start a business coaching by email project. I think it’s essential that we have that personal contact at the beginning.

Since the majority of my fees is paid after you believe you’ve achieved important benefits, it’s vital that I believe you are committed to making changes. If you don’t improve, I don’t get paid most of my fee. (See Fees & Guarantee).

You will buy a period of weeks of email coaching (see below) and then we’ll exchange emails at the pace that suits you.

You may have one of those businesses that’s frantic one week but quiet the next. The work and your progress can vary with your quiet periods.

This means that the concept of weeks can be a bit fluid as we may find that we get several weeks’ worth of work done in one work and then have a gap.

The first “week” will be spent looking at where you are, the second is normally spent focusing on where you want to be and recognising the gaps and differences.

The following sessions are based on moving your business forward with a “living business plan“. Once you know what I mean, you’ll agree that it makes a lot of sense.

In the exchange of emails, we’ll look at what needs to be done, talk about how to do it, agree actions and follow-up to see if last week’s actions have been completed.

You’ll also be asked to buy a few specific books and I’ll ask you to read certain sections or chapters as we progress. I might send you to read some of my publicly available articles on my blog or send you some of my private notes. I may even ask you to watch videos produced by other people.

Reviews Every Five Weeks or So

It’s important to me that you make progress so we will set up a process of reviewing how you are doing.

Because the majority of my fees depend on your success, I have a vested interest in making sure that this is working.

The five week reviews will determine if:

  1. You’ve made enough progress to agree to pay me the remainder of my fee for the five week period, if not it is carried forward until you have.
  2. We should stop or carry on. If it’s not working, there’s no point in you continuing to pay my weekly charge, even if it is very modest.

Fees & Discounts

My aim is to make this significantly lower than my one to one business coaching .

Again the fee structure is split into:

  1. A fixed weekly payment that has to be paid upfront.
  2. The balance of the fee is payable when you feel you have made enough progress to make it excellent value for money.

The weekly payment buys my attention for those weeks, the remainder is a reward for the value you get from the service.

The five weekly reviews are our chance to make sure that things are progressing smoothly, review whether payments are due and to decide whether we both want to continue.

Again I also reward longer commitments.

  • One to four weeks email coaching – the cost per week is £150, of which £60 per week is paid at the start and the remainder on successful completion of the short project.
  • Five to nine weeks email coaching – the cost per week is £140, of which £60 per week is paid at the start and the remainder for the weeks received is payable when you feel you have received sufficient benefits as to make it excellent value for money.
  • Ten to fourteen weeks email coaching – the cost per week is £130, of which £60 per week is paid at the start and the remainder for the weeks received is payable when you feel you have received sufficient benefits as to make it excellent value for money.

If we decide to stop the project early because it’s clear in the five weekly review that things aren’t working, and you have paid for more weeks than have elapsed, I will return the money paid for weeks where you won’t receive emails.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

You agree to 8 weeks coaching but at the end of week 5, we don’t think you’re making sufficient progress working on your own and we stop, I will return the three weeks of money paid for services not received. In this situation, you won’t have any additional fees to pay either.

But if you agree to 8 weeks coaching and at the end of week 5, you’re very pleased with how things are going and you can see big benefits flowing through, you agree to pay the remaining balance of fees on the five weeks email coaching you’ve received. We carry on with the other three sessions as planned.

The Two Extremes

What if you commit to five weeks email coaching, but after receiving the first week’s assignments, you never get going?

Unless you advise me ahead of time, you’ve lost your weekly payments for the five weeks. If you’re able to predict absence, eg holidays, we can carry the week forward.

On the other hand, what if you race through the assignments, sending me long emails each day asking for more things to do?

Several things are likely to happen.

I’ll be delighted at your progress, even if I hadn’t expected to spend so much time thinking about your business. I love enthusiastic, fired up clients.

I’ll also push you harder. Instead of being a student who gets above the pass mark, I’ll want you to get an A grade.

For example, I may ask you to look at your competitors websites and compare and contrast what they do with you. This includes playing marketing bingo, a game that looks at how competitors have a nasty habit of saying the same things as you when customers want to know why you are different.

With busy business owners, I may have to accept that they look at their two fiercest rivals but there is normally plenty to be gained by looking at more websites. If you’ve got the time, I would want you to look at anyone who is a rival.


Everything starts with the Business SOS process. Just email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and put Business SOS in the subject line. If you want, you can say that you’re interested in the business coaching by email but it doesn’t alter your experience in that first session.

It’s vital that we have the chance to talk at least once so that we can feels as if we know a bit about each other and how we work together.