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Business Coaching For Women

Can A Man Offer Specialist Business Coaching
For Female Business Owners In The UK?

Yes He Can – Try Me And I’ll Prove It

Are you trying to spin so many different plates at the same time, you’re finding it hard to make progress in your business?

Yet you know you must make improvements to your business before it starts impacting badly on your life outside of work.

If that’s true, you’re what I call “stuck” and you will probably need some help getting unstuck in terms of:

  • outside perspective,
  • support focusing on your most important goals and
  • a combination of encouragement and accountability to keep you on track.

It may seem strange that a man is offering business coaching for women as a speciality. Don’t tell the male business owners, I often prefer working with women. Even more important, they normally enjoy working with me.

I know you can’t do everything or even many of the things you want to do. Trying to do too much leads to plenty of frustration and often little progress as your efforts are spread too thinly.

I don’t have to juggle issues with children but I do have a serious chronic health condition that has forced me to change my approach to business. It’s given me more empathy for dealing with problems outside of your control.

Am I the right business coach for you and your business? I don’t know, we’d need to talk..

My starting point is through what I call the Business SOS (Second Opinion Session). This gives us a chance to work together on a problem and see if it feels right.

However, if this feels a little intimidating, I’m happy to have an initial “get to know each other” chat provided you’re interested in a period of coaching. Email me at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com (just click and it will load into your email server). Just explain that you’d like a chat before the Business SOS with a view to having ongoing coaching.

You will find a lot of information on this website including information about my services:

About Me

I also have an extensive section for Business Book Reviews.

I have written several very popular business blogs over the last ten years and I’m gradually bringing content across to my main website here.

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