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Business Development Advice

Help For You To Build A Better, Stronger, More Profitable Business… And You Decide How Much To Pay For The Advice

I provide a number of focused business coaching programmes to help UK based business owners with specific problems:

Cash Flow CoachQuick Profits CoachKPI CoachUSP Coach

Sometimes business owners want a different kind of business development advice.

Not online business growth training like Profitable Growth Strategies where you can learn some great ideas but you don’t get the one-to-one interaction about your particular business.

Something more informal and less structured.

Business Development Advice And Mentoring

We work together to improve your business by focusing on your big issues and problems.

This is help when you need it from someone who has got to know you and your business.

Sometimes we might talk three times in a week. Other times we might go three months in a row where we just have the monthly performance review meeting.

Why You Might Need And Want This Service

I know this might sound very wishy-washy.

Why would any business owner want such an informal service with a business advisor?

It’s because sometimes you can feel lonely, unsure, perhaps even anxious when you face up to all the responsibilities of being your own boss.

There is you and a small team of employees who want you to be a strong leader, knowing where you and the business are heading.

I have been a business consultant / coach / trainer since 1995. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. I also have an MBA. An emphasis on increasing profit and cash flow is what I mean by saying I have “the mind of a finance director and the heart of a marketer.” You can read more About Me

You Decide How Much To Pay Me

Elsewhere on the website, you will have seen my “no win, no fee” services and a 500% return on investment guarantee for my formal coaching.

That’s much harder to do with these broader, more general mentoring services.

I’ve had to think of a new way to protect your interests and to make sure you get value from working with me.

After each session, I let you decide how much you think our conversation has been worth. What is the particular value to you?

That’s the thing about business development advice.

Some ideas are worth £50.

Some are worth £5,000 or more.

Some are worthless if I can’t come up with an idea that you’re not going to action.

You need to pay me enough to keep me interested in your business.


If you’re a business owner based in the UK, email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and we can have a talk about your business and the issues and problems you have.

I might think that one of my formal coaching services is more applicable in the early months of working together.

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