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Business Troubleshooting Session

Are You Stuck And You Need Extended Advice To Get You And Your Business Unstuck?

Welcome To My NEW Business Troubleshooting Session

Valued at £1,000.00.

My Business Troubleshooting Session is a paid for service which fits between my Business SOS and ongoing coaching sessions.

The idea is simple.

This is a deep dive into an area that is troubling you where we will spend a morning of analysis, feedback and advice.

Your current performance depends on two big issues:

  • Things that you’re doing that you probably shouldn’t be doing or at least not spending so much time doing.
  • Things that you should be doing, or you should be doing more.

You can choose between two main session topics:

  • Why Isn’t My Marketing Working And What Can I Do About It?
  • Why Isn’t My Business More Profitable And What Can I Do About It?

You need to accept that things aren’t right in your business since we’ll be talking about:

  • The critical mistakes you’re making that hold your business back from meeting your goals.
  • The actions you need to take to see a big improvement in your results.

Warning – If you do not take action on the items discussed, your business will not improve.

How The Business Troubleshooting Session Works

  1. We need to agree the main topic and set a date for the main session.
  2. You will need to do some homework to send me information before the session. This will be easier if you already measure important performance metrics. This may sound onerous but the more you put in at the beginning, the more you’ll benefit at the end.
  3. I will review the information you send and make an interim diagnosis of the main issues we need to talk about. This agenda may change based on your feedback and answers to my questions.
  4. The session itself will start at 9:00 am on Skype (where we can share PC screens) and finish around 1:00 pm. This is too long for maximum concentrate so we’ll have three  ten to fifteen minute breaks. This lets us pop to the loo, get a drink, get some fresh air or exercise, or resolve any urgent issues that pop up in our businesses.
  5. After the session, I will send you a summary report of the main issues identified and the actions to be taken. I’ll also make an mp3 recording of the session (technology permitting).
  6. You will be entitled to a 60 minute following up session to answer any questions that com up and to make sure that you are making progress.
  7. I encourage you to find an accountability partner to help you to work through your actions. Just making a public commitment to the actions you’re going to take in a week and reporting back whether you’ve done them or not, can make a big difference to getting the important things done.

How Much Does A Business Troubleshooting Session Cost?

The fee is to be paid before the session date but:

  • A 100% refund will be made if you are not satisfied by our work together within the session.
  • A 50% refund will be made if you cancel or postpone the session within 7 days of its scheduled date,  don’t turn up or have to abandon a session once it’s started. If you still want a session, you will need to rebook at the current price.

This is a new service introduced and I want to encourage business owners to take me up on this earlier rather than later. This means that the price will increase as the months pass.

The fee for a Business Troubleshooting Session will be £500 for the next few months.

After that, I’m not yet sure whether I’m going to steadily increase the fee as the months pass or take it straight up to the full price of £1,000.

While it’s discounted, I will also ask you to do several things to help me to promote this service.

How Do You Apply For A Business Troubleshooting Session?

Email me at paul@plancs.co.uk, mention the Troubleshooter Session and tell me:

  1. Whether you choose the marketing troubleshooting session or the profit troubleshooting session.
  2. When you’d like to do the session, depending on our diaries having time available.

I look forward to helping you to get you and your business unstuck.

Why Listen To My Business Advice?

  • My focus is on helping you to improve your sales, profit and cash flow after getting your business unstuck and re-focused. My core skills are in marketing, finance and business strategy.
  • I have more than 35 years business experience. I’ve been a self employed business consultant, coach and advisor since 1995 and worked with different businesses ranging from the head offices of plc’s through to “one man bands”( just like me). These days I concentrate on helping owner-managers.
  • As well as having plenty of experience, I am well qualified. I am a Chartered Accountant and have an MBA (master of business administration) degree. I’m also a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. You can be confident that you’ll get a professional service from working with me.
  • I work hard to keep my business skills up-to-date. So far, I’ve read and reviewed on Amazon, a total of  490 business books. Yes this is geeky but I’m passionate about having the knowledge needed to help you as a business owner.
    Here are my thoughts on the 12 Best Business Books for Business Owners.