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Cash Flow Coach

At Last You Can Solve
Your Cash Flow Problems
Now And In The Future… On A
“No Win, No Fee” Basis

I bet when you started or bought your business, you didn’t expect to spend so much time worrying about your cash flow and how you can pay your employees and suppliers.

The bad news is that if you let the situation get worse, your cash flow problems will dominate your business life. Ultimately cash flow and whether you have money in the bank when you need it, determines whether your business lives or dies.

Why You Have Cash Flow Problems

One or more of these factors will be causing your cash problems:

  • You have bad cash flow habits. You may be slow to invoice customers or you might not chase and enforce regular payments from your customers. Some businesses keep making bad stock purchasing decisions.
  • Your business is not trading profitably. Over time, losses will drain away your spare cash. The more money your business loses, the faster cash flow problems will overwhelm you.
  • You’ve made some unwise decisions. You don’t understand finance in general and cash flow and profitability in particular.
  • You didn’t allow for a predictable, occasional payment that has created a cash flow crisis. You don’t have a cash flow forecasting and management process.
  • You’re trying to manage your business on a shoestring. It doesn’t give you any buffer if or when things go wrong.

Be honest with yourself and admit how many of those factors lie at the centre of your cash flow problem at the moment.

You Have A Choice

  1. You can continue to struggle on your own, hoping that things will get better; or
  2. You can take the actions needed to make sure things get better by working with a cash flow coach.

It is that simple.

What Is A Cash Flow Coach?

As your cash flow coach, I work with you as the business owner and with your book-keeper or accountant to improve your cash flow in the short term and longer term.

As your cash flow coach, I will:

  • teach you and your team how to prepare a 13 week cash flow forecast so that we can see the extent of the problem in the next three months.
  • Look for ways to increase receipts and slow down or avoid payments.
  • Train you on the difference between profit and cash flow so that you can make decisions that take both into account. This will avoid the trap of chasing sales revenue that makes your cash flow worse and doesn’t improve your profit.
  • Investigate the causes of longer term cash flow problems and take the actions needed to correct them at source.

Is My Cash Flow Coaching Right For You?

I’m very good but I’m not a miracle worker and I won’t do the work for you.

There must be some good things in your business that we can build on.

  • Is your underlying business strong but you’ve been hit by a sudden cash flow shock? This can happen when a large customer goes bankrupt owing you a lot of money.
  • Do you have products or services that gives customers good value for money?
  • Are you committed to making changes in your business to improve future performance?

I only provide coaching to businesses based in the UK unless there is an exceptional reason why we should work together.

I have been a business consultant / coach / trainer since 1995. I am qualified as a Chartered Accountant (although I don’t trade as one) and a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. I also have an MBA.

An emphasis on seeing actions turn into increased profit and cash flow is what I mean by saying I have “the mind of a finance director and the heart of a marketer.” You can read more About Me.

Your “The Coach Who Makes Sure You Get Paid First” Guarantee

I believe that you, your business and your situation are unique and my cash flow coaching service will be tailored to your needs rather than a “one size fits all” solution.

This means I can’t tell you how much it will cost but I can promise two things:

  • You get paid before I do.
  • You’ll get a 500% return on your investment from my fees.

Business coaches are not meant to work like this but I like to be different.I can afford to do it because of my successes in the past.

You can read more at My Guarantee.

I deliberately don’t work with many one-to-one clients but I love to work with nice people with interesting businesses.

Your Free, No Obligation First Cash Flow Coaching Session

If you’re interested in working with me as your cash flow coach and you’re based in the UK, please email me at paul@plancs.co.uk.

We can arrange a free, no obligation first coaching session.

While this is also a “getting to know you call”, my aim is to add value and to help you to improve your cash flow. I don’t hold back my ideas on the basis that you should pay me first.

It’s never made sense to me when I’ve heard other coaches say they deliberately don’t solve the problem in the first free call, even if they can. I don’t think like that. If I can help you in a few minutes, I will. I work on the basis that if I do good for you, you will rave about me and my ideas to other business owners.

Earlier, I said you have a choice.

To continue to struggle on your own or to take action.

That action is to email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and ask for a free cash flow consultation.

When Should You Take Action?

I find the diagram below helpful to think about a business going through difficult times.

Business turnaround with a profit expert

Company A has the time to look at what’s happening, wait to see if action is needed and then to properly diagnose it.

Things are much more difficult for company B. It’s been slow to recognise the problem and then made a faulty diagnosis that led to the wrong treatment before finding the right way out of the difficulty.

Company C got into trouble quickly and it couldn’t be saved.

You need to call me if your situation is between A and B. We’ve got time to put things right. Once we’ve established the improvement momentum, it can go well beyond where your business was.

If you’re already at B, I’m going to need a great deal of convincing to take you on as a “no win, no fee” client because of the possibility that you’re already on the path of company C but you don’t know it.

Email me NOW at paul@plancs.co.uk and ask for a free cash flow consultation, before it’s too late.

Who Is Paul Simister?

Paul Simister is a business coach based in Birmingham, in the West Midlands of the UK.

He helps clients with his “heart of a marketer and mind of a finance director” approach and specialises in treating the two main symptoms of business problems – poor profitability and bad cash flow – and two of the main causes of those problems – a lack of clear differentiation and the absence of an effective performance measurement system.

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