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Clearer Thinking

One of the most common things I have heard from clients is…

“That’s So Obvious! Why Didn’t I Think Of That!”

It’s because the business owner is too close to the business.

They see what they expect to see, not what’s really there.

And that’s why an independent, objective view from a business advisor, coach or consultant can be so helpful.

The Art Of Thinking Clearly

I’m fascinated by the ways we can improve the quality of thinking in a business through clever concepts like systems thinking, critical thinking and the Theory Of Constraints Thinking Processes.

In his book “The Art Of Thinking Clearly”, the author Rolf Dobelli identifies 99 different thinking fallacies.

To quote him “… these are not just occasional errors in judgement, but rather routine mistakes, barriers to logic we stumble over time and again”.

It’s a book I recommend highly but knowing the concepts doesn’t stop you falling into the traps but it may help you to develop counter-strategies.

Another way is to work with a business professional who gets to know your business well but always stands apart.

If Your Business Is Stuck, Get A Free Second Opinion?

I offer a free consulting session which I call a second opinion (click for more details) for small businesses based in the UK.

The purpose is to challenge your thinking and how you have gone about diagnosing and solving a stubborn problem.

Email me.