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The Coach Who Makes Sure You Get Paid First Guarantee

(For Businesses Based In The UK Only)

I have controversial views about business coaching and I reflect that in my guarantee.

I believe that you should be paid from our work together before I am.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not crazy. I want to be paid. I don’t intend to provide free business coaching too often.

I like helping business owners who are struggling with poor profitability and cash flow problems. I think it’s much more rewarding that helping the successful business owners become even richer.

It doesn’t seem right to me that, if you’re struggling financially, I ask you to make things even more difficult for yourself in the short term while we work our magic together to turn your business around.

Most Coaches Want Their Fee Paid First

Most business coaches insist on being paid before they start work with you.

They see your money as a sign of your commitment to improving your business.

Unfortunately this means that you’re asked to pay for something that you can’t afford at a time when you’re not sure whether it’s going to be of great value.

And then many coaches don’t even give a guarantee. They say that it’s not their fault if you don’t see any improvements and because they’ve given their time, they should earn a wage.

I don’t think that approach is right.

My “The Coach Who Makes Sure You Get Paid First” Guarantee

If I’m committed to making your financial position better – and I am if I take you on as a client – then I believe that YOU should be paid first.

You should be able to point to extra profit or extra cash in the bank before you pay me.

The risk should be on me, as the business expert and not on you as the client.

The 500% Return On Investment

I set myself a very clear goal when I work with clients.

I want you to earn at least 500% more from our work together than I make.

That’s not to say that you’ll get it all up front.

I’m good but not a miracle worker.

You need to be confident that you’ll gain by at least 500% when you pay me.

Are You As Committed To Improving Your Business As I Am?

There is a small snag.

For us to work together I need to believe:

  1. There is the opportunity for BIG improvements in your business.
  2. You are as committed, or hopefully, even more committed to improving your business as I am.

I’m therefore picky about who I work with.

Personally I think that’s better than being a coach who will take you on as a client provided you’ve got the money to pay the coaching fees.

I hope you do too.

My Coaching Services

I offer four types of business coaching:

  • If you’re struggling to make your business different to your competitors, I can be your USP Coach.
  • If you’re worried about how your business is performing and you’re not sure where you should be prioritising your improvements efforts, I can be your KPI Coach.

These derive from my knowledge, skills and experience.

Click on the link to the service you think you need the most and you will find out what to do next.