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One To One Business Coaching

How My One To One Business Coaching Can Help You Get Unstuck And Become Unstoppable

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This is my standard service and is normally the best option for business owners who have the time to improve their business over ten to twenty weeks or more.

Who Is My Coaching For?

Business owners – preferably people in sole control of their business although I’m happy to coach partners and co-owners provided we can all talk together.

Businesses that are:

  • Stuck as in they’ve stopped growing or they’ve hit a fork-in-the-road and the business owners aren’t sure which way to go or
  • Struggling to earn a good profit that rewards the business owner(s) for their time, money and risks or
  • Owned by someone who feels they’ve lost their purpose and passion for the business but want to get it back.

The trade, profession or industry doesn’t really make a difference to my coaching because you’re specialists in your own area.

What Are the Main Benefits Of The Business Coaching?

I define coaching as helping you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The main benefit is therefore getting you to your destination or closer to it, depending on how much you want to spend.

My coaching is tailored to your situation:

  • If your business is short of customers, sales and profit, we’ll look for ways to increase your sales and profit.
  • If you need to decide between two main options, we’ll spend our time looking at them in detail and working through the actions needed as well as the consequences and the risks.
  • If you feel you’ve lost your way, we’ll try to get you reconnected with your business, what it means to customers and develop a plan for you to have direction as you move forward.

How Does The Coaching Work?

Like all my coaching, it starts with the Business SOS experience. This is your chance to try for yourself without making a big commitment, as we look at an important issue in your business. It’s my chance to see how you react to what I have to say, both good and bad, and to assess how motivated you are to assess the situation.

Since the majority of my fees is paid after you believe you’ve achieved important benefits, it’s vital that I believe you are committed to making changes. If you don’t improve, I don’t get paid most of my fee. (See Fees & Guarantee).

Then we will begin a series of preferably weekly coaching sessions by Skype or possibly by telephone. I have a strong preference for Skype because it let’s me share screens. Looking at something together, makes it much easier to explain and understand.

The first session will be spent looking at where you are, the second is normally spent focusing on where you want to be and recognising the gaps and differences.

The following sessions are based on moving your business forward with a “living business plan“. Once you know what I mean, you’ll agree that it makes a lot of sense.

In the sessions, we’ll look at what needs to be done, talk about how to do it, agree actions and follow-up to see if last week’s actions have been completed.

How Long Do The Coaching Sessions Last?

A big benefit for you is that I’m semi-retired and only want to work with one main client in a day.

Unlike most coaches, I don’t have to cut clients off at the 50 minutes mark, even when things get interesting, because I don’t have to prepare for another client.

My sessions are notionally for 60 minutes but don’t be surprised if we spend 90 minutes or even 120 minutes working through your business issues.

I’ve found from experience that more than two hours without a break is too intense, normally for both of us.

How Much Does It Cost?

My aim is to be fair to you but also to make sure you’re committed to the improvement project.

I charge a fixed fee for each session, paid in advance along with a balance of the fee to be paid when you believe we have been successful.

This may seem a little complicated but I have worked examples on my Fees & Guarantee page. I also explain in ore detail why I work in this way.

How To Start?

You start with the Business SOS experience.

Email me at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com , put Business SOS in the subject line and explain why you are feeling stuck.