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The 2 Hour Business SOS

The 2 Hour Business SOS is a paid for service designed to help you tackle a significant issue. There is also a 30 Minute Business SOS that is available for free.

To qualify, you have to be the owner of a business based in the UK.

This page is for people who have read the Business SOS Introduction page which explains the benefits.

How Much Does The 2 Hour Business SOS Call Cost?

As well as the time during the consultation and in the emails before and after, I normally spend a couple of hours researching your business, your competitors and customers. On this basis, I should be charging much more.

I’ve tried to make it an affordable option, even for those business owners who don’t have much money and I’ve broken the payment down into several stages:

  1. A £60 payment is required to book the Business SOS appointment. If you miss the appointment, this fee is not refunded. If you tell me 24 hours in advance, we can rearrange but if you cancel with little notice or you don’t make the appointment, another £60 will be required if you want to reschedule.
  2. The remainder of the fee (another £240 making a total of £300) is payable if you find the call very helpful. If you get plenty from the call but you don’t think I’ve delivered full value for £300, you can reduce it at your discretion. If your business is severely stretched financially, we can agree to payment of the remainder by instalments.
  3. If you pay the remainder of the fee, you are entitled to a bonus follow-up call for free. This is to make sure that you are making the expected progress. Sometimes unexpected obstacles can appear and some people benefit from being held to account for their promised actions. This bonus session isn’t available if you’ve started with free 30 minute Business SOS.
  4. In the unlikely event that you don’t think talking to me has been helpful – and you haven’t had good value for your £60 – I will refund your initial payment. This is my guarantee of satisfaction.

Sorry if this seems complicated but I’ve tried to make this process fair to us both.

How To Get Started

It can start with a quick, simple email to me at paul@businessdevelopmentadvice.com explaining why you feel stuck and that you’d like a Business SOS. tell me whether you’d like the free 30 minutes version or the two hour version.

What Happens Next

I will reply to your first email with follow-up questions and a few suggested days for us to talk.

I want to give you the maximum help I can. This means that the more I can get to know about your business and your situation before we talk, the more we can focus on what you need to do to get unstuck.

Very occasionally a business owner has emailed me and refused to provide sufficient details for me to help or prepare in advance. Since I don’t want to waste your time or mine, if you’re very brief or evasive in what you tell me in answer to my follow-up questions, I may withdraw my offer. I can assure you that everything you tell me is held in the strictest of confidence.

If you’ve paid me the £60 booking fee, I will refund it.

Are you ready to start?

Email me at paul@businessdevelopmentadvice.com explaining why you feel stuck and that you’d like a Business SOS. Please make it clear that you’d like 2 hour version.