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USP & Differentiation Coach

Introducing My USP & Differentiation Coaching Service Designed To Help You To Create, Develop And Write Your Unique Selling Proposition… Get A FREE One Hour Coaching Session

I am fascinated by how businesses differentiate themselves in ways that add value to customers. I am the author of the Differentiate Your Business Blog which looks at differentiation and business strategy.

Being different from your competitors helps businesses to attract, convert and keep more customers and as a result, increase long term profitability.

In my opinion, your USP or customer value proposition lies at the very centre or your business strategy and therefore at the centre of your business. I can’t emphasise how important it is to your success.

Nearly everything you do in your business should:

  • Strengthen the special position you have in your market and increase the advantage you have over competitors (the internal dimension) because they will try to copy you if you’re successful.
  • Promote your USP and differentiating factors to your customers, your target audience, your employees, suppliers and the wider world (the external dimension).

Unfortunately it’s often one of the big weaknesses in a business where customers see little difference between the products and services you sell and what’s available from your competitors. This means that their attention turns to buying at the lowest price and that’s bad news for your profit.

Some Experts Say You Can Create Your USP In Two Hours Others Say It’s Created Over A Lifetime

I am shocked at how some business coaches and consultants see your value proposition as a tiny part of your business worthy of only a couple of hours of attention.

I think that’s frightening for the concept that is at the very core of your business.

I don’t think that it is something to be rushed. Most of the time, you can’t grab the easy answer and expect to succeed.

Of course there are some exceptions. Very occasionally, a business is gifted an astonishing, unique competitive advantage that makes a big impact on customers. The frustrating thing is, this special factor is often taken for granted by the business owner and therefore, overlooked.

Normally you have to keep working at finding your unique value proposition, strengthening it against competitive imitation, adapting it to changing customer needs and constantly and consistently communicating it to your market.

Unless you’re one of the very lucky ones, this topic of how you differentiate your business and make it special in the eyes of your customers needs considerable thought and analysis as it covers the intersection between:

  • Your strengths and advantages.
  • Your customers needs and wants.
  • Your competitors weaknesses and disadvantages.

You also need to look at what’s happening in your market now and what’s likely to happen in the future because you want a USP and differentiation strategy that endures and not one that either quickly loses its appeal to customers or can be easily copied by competitors.

The important thing is that it is an advantage that you can do better, cheaper or differently and that it brings extra value to the customer in ways that will create purchase preference.

If Your Business Is Based In The UK And You Want To Improve Or USP Or Value Proposition, I Want To Give You A Free One Hour Coaching Session

I invite you to a free one hour coaching session of how you can differentiate your business and develop a USP.

You may be one of the lucky business owners with something unique and valuable about your business which can be emphasised in your marketing. If so, we can go a long way to solving your USP problem in one session.

If it’s harder to find your differentiating factors and especially those that are valued by customers, I can start on you on the process of finding your USP and you may be able to continue on your own or, if we both enjoy the session, it may be that you decide to work with me going forward.

You may not feel ready to talk to me but you might be interested in the best books I’ve read about differentiating your business and creating your USP or customer value proposition.

Working With Me To Develop Your Value Proposition And USP On A “No Win, No Fee” Basis

I’m a unique business coach who lives by two important principles:

  1. I believe that my clients must be paid before me. That’s why I work with clients on a “no win, no fee” basis. I only get paid if you believe my advice will help you to increase your sales revenue, profit and cash flow.
  2. I also believe that you should get at least a 500% return on investment on my fees.

These two values mean that I am selective about who I will work with because I don’t want to waste your time or mine. My coaching only works if we both believe there are great opportunities for your business.

For more details, please see:

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How To Ask For Your Free, No Obligation, USP Coaching Session

If you’re based in the UK and you believe your business is struggling because your customers see your products and services as a commodity, then please email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and tell me that you’re interested in my free USP coaching session.

We can then arrange a time to talk to explore in detail how you can differentiate your business and how we can work together.

What Happens In The Free Unique Selling Proposition Coaching Session?

After you email me at paul@plancs.co.uk I will email you back with some questions to answer about your business and suggest some days and times for us to talk on the telephone.

After you’ve emailed me back your answers but before we talk, I will have reviewed your website and learnt more about your market, customers and competitors so that I am well prepared to have a proper discussion that can add value for you.

During our talk, we will focus on how your business can be differentiated from your competitors in ways that will be valued by your targeted group of customers.

I will explain the process and leave you with guidance on how to proceed.

If things go well for both of us, we may agree to work together to develop your unique selling proposition and the communication techniques needed for you to make the most of it.

If one of us doesn’t think it’s appropriate to work together, you’ll have received independent, expert feedback – a professional second opinion if you like – on your business. I’m confident that you’ll also be more ready to find your USP on your own.

You first step is to email me at paul@plancs.co.uk and tell me that you’d like to take up the option of a free USP consultation.

Who Is Paul Simister?

I am a business coach based in Birmingham, in the West Midlands of the UK.

I help clients with my “heart of a marketer and mind of a finance director” approach and specialises in treating the two main symptoms of business problems – poor profitability and bad cash flow – and two of the main causes of those problems – a lack of clear differentiation and the absence of an effective performance measurement system.

If you want to have the confidence to check out more of my ideas before you make contact, I recommend that you read my free report, The Six Steps Profit Formula.

The first two steps are particularly relevant if you want to create a winning unique selling proposition.

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