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Why You Need To Be Different

Discover How Being Different Turbo-Charges Your Chance Of Business Success

The quote below from the excellent marketing book, Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall explains why it is so important to differentiate your products, services and business and communicate the differences effectively to your potential customers.

“Dramatic Difference levels increase probability of success from 15% to 53%!  This means that you have a 353% greater chance of success when you have a high Dramatic Difference. These results confirm an earlier study by J.H. Davidson reported in the Harvard Business Review (April-May 1976). Davidson found a 370% greater chance of marketplace success for  ideas that are dramatically different.”

The simple truth is that the world is full of products and services that are very similar to those from competitors. No wonder most businesses find it difficult to get much attention and interest from customers and consumers.

If there’s no difference or  nothing unique then a product or service only deserves attention from customers if it’s cheaper to buy than the rest and that’s normally ad news for your profits unless you have a big cost advantage.

To quote Doug Hall again:

To generate sales, we must offer customers either a meaningful point of difference or a great price. There are no other known methods for success in a capitalist marketplace.

The choice is simple:

  • Do you want to condemn your business, brand, product or service to fighting a hard-to-win, me-too battle against cut-throat competitors who will keep reducing prices until you – or they – go bankrupt?
  • Or do you want to be different and have that difference recognised and valued by your target market so that you carve out a unique position that attracts buyers and keeps them loyal?

There Are Two Issues To Focus On

  1. The Internal Reality – is your business genuinely different from your competitors in ways that matter to your customers?
  2. The External Perception – do customers and non-customers see your difference or do they believe that you are virtually identical to your competitors?

I believe you need to create a USP so that customers understand how your product or business is special and differentiated from your competitors and is therefore the obvious choice for them to buy.

How I Can Help You

I can help you to develop differentiate your business and craft a Unique Selling Proposition through my USP Coaching service.

Why not put me to the test with my FREE One Hour USP Service. We even be able to find what’s going to make your customers see you as special in that telephone consultation.

I also recommend that you read my FREE report, The Six Steps Profit Formula where I talk about creating an Irresistible Promise (my phrase for a USP) as one of the steps.

Alternatively I really like this business growth training which includes a discussion of the importance between your Internal Reality and External Perception in the first free video.