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Pinocchio Becoming Human with the Theory of Constraints by Seong Am Moon, Dong Jin Kim and Aaron Rae Stephen

In my review of

Pinocchio Becoming Human with the Theory of Constraints

by Seong Am Moon, Dong Jin Kim and Aaron Rae Stephens posted at Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 1 Star.

Here is my review.

Sorry but I don’t think this concept works

I’m mystified why the authors thought this book would be a good idea.

First the story of Pinocchio, the walking, talking wooden doll is retold. In this version he wants to be made human but the fairy demands that he makes 1,000 more just like him. It’s a slow job learning how to be an expert carpenter and it’s very slow producing each doll when the steps have to be done sequentially. He hits on the idea of creating one doll to help him. That makes things a bit better so he makes more, one to do each of the steps involved.

At the end of the tale, the authors branch into a little theory and link it to the Theory of Constraints.
– it’s a good idea to add people to a process if you want things done more quickly, so that tasks can overlap.
– the speed of production is limited by the slowest activity and is the constraint.
– if a production line is split into two branches that then join together, the slowest branch becomes the constraint.

That’s about it. Totally unsuitable for any production manager or small business owner with any common sense.

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