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Product Launch Formula

These details on the Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker used to be a popular lens on Squidoo. Unfortunately they’ve tightened their policy about affiliate marketing and I expect it to be deleted. Rather than delete the information which has attracted a lot of traffic, I have decided to move it to this blog.

Jeff Walker & the Product Launch Formula 3

Product Launch Formula 3.1 is available to buy now but Jeff Walker has announced it will close on March 3rd 2011. This is your last chance to buy for many months.
(based on previous history).

This page was originally written about the first Product Launch Formula 2.0 Launch but you can be sure I’ll be sharing with you what I know about the new Product Launch Formula when it comes out.

My advice is to get on Jeff’s list and watch the entire process for yourself. PLF 2.0 was a full launch with Jeff Walker in all his glory but PLF2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 were mini launches and didn’t have the full Product Launch Formula process in action.

Product Launch Formula

Jeff Walker has started a launch to train people to become Product Launch Managers and you will see details below.

This page is a step by step guide to how Jeff Walker executed the full launch of the Product Launch Formula coaching in March 2008.

It is a free lesson in how to launch a new product with the videos and emails Jeff Walker has used.

The process was so compelling that I bought Product Launch Formula 2.0 – and what a training product it is.. Extremely extensive and massive.

The Product Launch Formula can be used for any product launch.

There are links scattered throughout this Squidoo lens to the Product Launch Formula but a Squidoo policy change that limits outgoing links has caused me to take many away so you can’t see the PLF promotion in its full glory.

How Long Will The Product Launch Formula Be Available For?

Product Launch Formula 2.0 sold nearly 2.000 copies in March 2008 – in just 34 hours.

Product Launch Formula 2.1 was made available again in November 2008 for about 500 to 600 members – that’s all Jeff said he wanted and again sold out very quickly.

Product Launch Formula 2.2 was available for 34 hours before Jeff Walker took the sales letter down.

The first Product Launch Manager training (a $25,000 seminar) sold out in less than one hour.

“The Product Launch Formula is the most powerful recent innovation in marketing tactics” (Rich Schefren)

“Jeff Walker Announces Product Launch Formula 3.1 To Close March 3rd – LAST Chance To Buy For Months”

Product Launch Formula 2011 Starts Here

Jeff Walker starts the launch of the 2011 version of the Product Launch Formula with a case study.

Here is the promotional email.

SUBJECT: tiny niches, tiny lists… big product launches

I just watched a really cool Case Study that shows how a “regular guy” in a weird little niche is just killing it with “evergreen” product launches…

And the really cool thing is that this strategy will fit into almost ANY type of business… check it out:

Product Launch Formula 2011

(That Case Study is 100% full content… you need to opt-in to get it, but make sure you do – it’s totally worth it.)

best regards,

P.S. What I love about this Case Study is how you can put EVERGREEN LAUNCHES into your business… you get all the benefit of a big product launch, but it keeps paying you all year long!

My Thoughts On The Email & Video

Jeff is always eager to show that the Product Launch Formula will work for any kind of business and isn’t restricted to the “make money online” niche and sold by a big name guru like Frank Kern, Rich Schefren or even JW himself.

Second this evergreen launch is an important topic.

The Product Launch Formula works great for getting attention to a launch and the urgency of a “now you can have it, now it’s gone” is a powerful persuasion technique to get buyers to take action but it has also been criticised because it means that the product can’t be bought for so long. Potential buyers may not have the money, time or need at the time of the launch but may do so three months later.

I should also say that unlike many gurus Jeff Walker is using a double opt-in process so if you want the video, you’ve got to supply a real email address and confirm it.

Product Launch Formula 3.1 Case Study

Jeff Walker has taken the video case study and turned it into a pdf.


Because some people prefer to read than to watch videos. Remember it’s not what you think is the best way to communicate but what your target market prefers.

Here is the affiliate email promotion.

SUBJECT: 21-page Case Study

I just downloaded a really cool 21-page PDF Case Study that shows how a “regular guy” in a weird little niche just killed it with a product launch…

(It was actually a SERIES of launches… wait until you see how he put them together – this strategy will fit into almost ANY type of business.)

Check it out here:

Product Launch Formula Case Study

(That Case Study is 100% full content… you need to opt-in to get it, but make sure you do – it’s totally worth it.)

best regards,

P.S. What I love about this Case Study is how you can put EVERGREEN LAUNCHES into your business…
you get all the benefit of a big product launch, but it keeps paying you all year long!

Product Launch Disasters & Parachute

In this video for the PLF 3.1 launch Jeff looks at what has gone wrong in some of the big product launches and how, through the product launch parachute, the day is saved.

The most recent example of this happening is probably in the promotion from Eben Pagan for Self Made Wealth. Depending on your view, Eben misjudged the price point for this financial education training or people were looking for a more action-oriented product. The pre-launch created a lot of interest but sales struggled until Eben changed the offer and made it almost irresistible by adding in a huge pile of bonuses to help you to take action.

SUBJECT: Product Launch Parachute…

OK, I just saw what has to be the single most amazing video ever about Internet Marketing.

Seriously. Go watch this ENTIRE video. Now.

Product Launch Disasters

It’s about “Product Launch Disasters” – but there’s so much more. If you’ve ever wondered what Internet Marketing can do for you and your life… well, just go watch the video:

Product Launch Disasters link

(You have to opt-in after the first video. But it is SO worth it. And you can always unsubscribe.)

best regards,

P.S. OK… I’m actually getting emotional about this. Just go watch the video, and you’ll see what
Product Launch Disasters link

Product Launch Blueprint

It looks like Jeff Walker is following the same sequence for PLF3.1 as he did for PLF3. Why change if things work?

So now we have the Product Launch Blueprint as Jeff gives you a flavour of his product launch training.

Here’s the affiliate email.

SUBJECT: Your free Product Launch Blueprint

I’ve got an crazy freebie for you…

Jeff Walker just released his NEW Product Launch Blueprint… a full downloadable 11-page PDF, plus a video that walks through the entire Blueprint.

You can get it free now (for a limited time) at this link:

Product Launch Blueprint

You have to opt-in to get the Blueprint (obviously), but there’s nothing hidden… no upsells, no cross-sells, no continuity. You don’t even have to enter your credit card.

Go get it now before Jeff pulls it down:

link repeated

IMPORTANT: be sure to print out the PDF so you can take notes as you go through the video.

best regards,

P.S. There’s even a hidden “resources” section that Jeff must have snuck in at the last second – it doesn’t show up in the training video, but it’s in the actual Blueprint.

link repeated

Jeff Walker Bonuses For Product Launch Formula 3.1 March 2011

Jeff Walker has announced three big bonuses for those who buy Product Launch Formula 3.1.

I’m not a big fan of launch bonuses but these are a bit special.

I’m quoting from Jeff walker’s email I received on March 1st 2011, launch day

“OK, I just want to tell you about three huge bonuses that I’m going to include with Product Launch Formula:

1. A complete list building course – “Launching Your List”…

I personally believe that the #1 asset you need to build in your business is a list… and it’s something that I’ve focused on in my businesses since 1996.

Since then I’ve added hundreds of thousands of subscribers in several different niches… using all kinds of different methods.

And in my Launching Your List course, I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve done it… and how you
can as well.

I’ve never released Launching Your List, but if and when I do, it will likely be priced at $997.00.

2. A complete “Product Creation” course…

There’s LOTS of ways to make money online, and you don’t absolutely NEED to have your own products to do product launches… you could do an “Affiliate Launch” or a “Seed Launch”. (I talk about both of these in the Product Launch Blueprint at this link: Product Launch Blueprint

However, in the long run, I think that you SHOULD have your own products… that’s the way to gain true control in your business.

Once you have a list and your own products, then you are in complete control of your destiny.

And my Product Creation course will show you how to get your own products. It’s not complicated, and it’s not all that hard either.

I’ve never released my Product Creation course, but if and when I do, it will likely be priced at $997.00.

3. The HUGE super bonus… an invitation to Product Launch Formula Live 2011!

This is the deal – I rarely put on Live Workshops… and they’re ALWAYS very expensive. My most inexpensive event was $5,000.00… and my most expensive one was $25,000.00.

My events are NOT pitchfests… in fact, I’ve never had an outside speaker make a pitch at one of my events. Ever.

And I usually personally present at least 80% of the material.

(Although I’ve had some amazing surprise guests in the past. I’ve had Jay Abraham, Eben Pagan, Jeff Johnson, Frank Kern, Rich Schefren, Don Crowther, Andy Jenkins, Dean Graziosi… and lots more.)

I don’t know what special guests I’ll get this year… but I always seem to pull a rabbit out of the old hat. 🙂

And my events are WORKSHOPS… where we actually buckle down and work on stuff. Don’t get me wrong- we have LOTS of fun as well. But this isn’t some multi-speaker event that’s a mile wide, but not much real content… no, it’s going to be real-world intense business-building material.

And if you’re one of the first 500 to register for Product Launch Formula… then you’ll get an invitation to the PLF Live 2011.

NOTE: if you miss being in the first 500, we still might be able to accommodate you depending on registration. But it’s going to be “first come, first served”…

And if you CAN’T make it to the event, we’ll get you video from the event after we get it all edited and ready to go.

So there you have it… three amazing EXTRA bonuses, with a real-world value of $6,994.00.

And it’s all included when you register for Product Launch Formula.”

BEWARE of Product Launch Bonuses for the Product Launch Formula

Product Launch Formula is a big, comprehensive course as Jeff Walker shares his in-depth knowledge of the product launch process.

The strategy and tactics are very clever – some would say sneaky – but it takes time and effort to go through Jeff’s training videos and calls and even more to work out how to apply these ideas to your business.

This means that there is a big risk that you may buy but not implement.

That’s the story of information products and we’ve all done it. Bought stuff that we never use.

I believe that this is made much worse when affiliates load up the offers with bonus materials. Sure they may mean well (although like me, they want to make affiliate sales) but buying a bonus laden offer could kill your success with the Product Launch Formula.

And that is a terrible waste of your time, energy and money.

You make money by applying ideas and not by learning. I know people who have spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours watching training videos and made very little return from their Internet marketing.

They are too busy being a spectator to play the game.

If you want the Product Launch Formula, my advice is to just get the Product Launch Formula and to forget about bonuses which:

Distract you
Confuse you
Make you feel guilty
Create a learning dependency – this stuff can be like a drug and create addicts

You’ll learn a lot from the Product Launch Formula and it will open up your eyes to what happens and why in other launches.

But you’ll learn most by doing a product launch yourself.

Seeing what works and doesn’t work and then going back to Jeff Walker’s training to see what you missed.

PLF isn’t cheap and if you are a serious buyer, I believe you owe it to yourself to get the best you can from it.

That means watching the videos (twice is better than once), taking part in Jeff’s Q&A coaching sessions and launching your own product using the ideas.

I can tell you that when I bought PLF2.0, JW offered his original PLF course as a fast mover bonus. Have I watched it? No not a single disk.
I bought through Mike Filsaime to get the videos of a course he and JW did on product launches. I haven’t watched that either.

Why? Because the PLF course is so big on its own.

More money you can get to buy more stuff. More time you can’t get so spend to use it wisely.

How Much Will Product Launch Formula 3.1 Cost?

Jeff Walker doesn’t announce the price of the Product Launch Formula until the day of the launch or possibly the day before.

If I had to take a guess on how much Product Launch Formula 3.1 will cost, I’d go for $1997 or three payments of $797 or six payments of $397.

This has been the price of the Product Launch Formula since 2008 and PLF 2.0 and still seems to be the preferred guru price. I think they’d have liked to push the price up again but the recession has created a price ceiling which they are nervous at crossing.

Is PLF expensive?

Yes. Two grand is a lot to pay for video training and the chance to get on some Q&A calls.

Is it worth it?

It is if you have a launch. One tip can make a big difference to your success.

Product Launch Formula 3 – Start Here

My advice is to start the Product launch Formula 3 experience at the beginning.
Everything Jeff does is carefully crafted and you will learn a lot.

Here is the first email swipe copy for Product Launch Formula 3.0

SUBJECT: why do the gurus do launches?

Do you ever wonder why the gurus do product launch after product launch?

I mean, it seems like there’s a new launch every week these days. You would think they would get sick of it.

Well, this video explains the crazy (almost shocking) stuff that’s going on behind the scenes:

Product launch formula 3

best regards,

P.S. The video actually talks REAL numbers… including what these people are REALLY making. And I’m talking PROFIT – not some inflated sales numbers. Check it out:

Product Launch Disasters

The second video to launch the Product Launch Formula 3 has got people excited judging by the comments.

Here’s the promotion from Jeff Walker

SUBJECT: product launch disasters

OK, I just saw what has to be the single most amazing video ever about Internet Marketing.

Seriously. Go watch this ENTIRE video. Now.

Product Launch Disasters

It’s about “Product Launch Disasters” – but there’s so much more. If you’ve ever wondered what Internet Marketing can do for you and your life… well, just go watch the video:

Product Launch Disasters

(You have to opt-in after the first video. But it is SO worth it. And you can always unsubscribe.)

best regards,

P.S. OK… I’m actually getting emotional about this. Just go watch the video, and you’ll see what I mean:

Product Launch Disasters

(OK Squidoo restrictions stop me linking each but I thought you should know where the master puts his links).

After watching the video, I thought he’d been kind about naming names – but it does emphasise the power of the product launch process. For more “dirt” on product launches, see my blog on Product Launch Disasters.

Get The Product Launch Formula Blueprint For FREE

In this video and pdf from Jeff Walker, he gets down to the nitty-gritty and talks about what the Product Launch Formula is by taking you through the steps of a product launch.

Here’s one of the emails he asked affiliates to send out to promote it.


I’ve got an crazy freebie for you…

Jeff Walker just released his NEW Product Launch Blueprint… a full downloadable PDF, plus a video that walks through the entire Blueprint.

You can get it free now (for a limited time) at this link:

Product Launch Formula 3 Blueprint

You have to opt-in to get the Blueprint (obviously), but there’s nothing hidden… no upsells, no cross-sells, no continuity. You don’t even have to enter your credit card.

Go get it now before Jeff pulls it down.

The Sneak Peak At What You Get In Product Launch Formula 3

I thought Product Launch Formula 2 was bigger but Jeff Walker is putting a lot more in with Product Launch Formula 3

here is the affiliate email

SUBJECT: Early Warning: the PLF finale

OK, I’m a little bummed… I just saw Jeff Walker’s LAST public video for Product Launch Formula.

You can see it here:

Product Launch Formula 3 – sneak peak

In case you missed them, Jeff has released FIVE content-packed videos so far – the videos take you deep behind-the-scenes to reveal what’s going on in those big product launches you keep seeing.

PLUS he also gave away his entire Product Launch Blueprint…

Now, he just released the FINAL public video in the series, this is the one where he finally parts the curtain on what Product Launch Formula 3.0 is all about (and trust me, there are some MAJOR surprises.)

Check it out

IMPORTANT: you do NOT need to opt-in to see this video. However, you will want to join the Early Bird list to get a head start and miss all the launch craziness. Plus you’ll get access to all the other videos.

Best regards,

My Thoughts On The Product Launch Formula 3

I own PLF 1 and PLF 2 so you can tell that I am a fan of the Product Launch Formula.

It changes the way you look at marketing and emphasises the process of building up excitement and buzz to promote just about any kind of product or service.

It’s always been a big, intensive course for people who want to make money and with the inclusion of the extras:

Launching Your List – a full-out course on how to build a list and how to make a ton of money from it.

Product Creation Course… which shows you how to quickly and easily create your own high-value and high-profit infoproduct.

it’s now even bigger.

It will take time and commitment to get through it and you will learn a lot but I think you need to think about watching the videos two or even three times to get everything.

It’s the little nuances that Jeff is so good at and which set him apart and on the first run through, you’re going to be focusing much more on the tactics themselves.

Then you need to do the launch, create your products, build your list and do your first launch.

It all takes time.

Jeff’s Product Launch Managers have been created for people who love the idea of doing a product launch but don’t have time to learn it all and then do it..

My advice is that it is a big mistake to turn this into a bonus hunt. The more stuff you get, the less action you’ll take.

It’s action that puts money into the bank.

Become A Product Launch Formula Manager

On May 15th 2009 Jeff Walker announced his plans to train certified Product Launch Formula Consultants and Managers.

The Product Launch Formula is an extremely successful technique for creating money and the training/coaching is very extensive.

But some people with product launch opportunities and ideas don’t want to do the work themselves. They don’t want to spend the time learning the Product Launch Formula and they want to apply the ideas – what they want is a done for you service.

It’s a natural human emotion.

What is better than lots of money?

Lots of money you don’t have to do much for in terms of time or energy.

And that is where the certified Product Launch Managers and Consultants come in.

Jeff is saying he will train people to be able to implement his launch techniques and offer their services to people with small and medium launches.

Jeff Walker is already involved as a consultant in some of the biggest launches but his fee expectations are huge and most people couldn’t afford to hire him.

But they could afford a certified Product Launch Manager whose remuneration is tied into the success of the launch.

Product Launch Manager Training – Video 1

Signing up will get you access to all four videos that Jeff is releasing to promote the Product Launch Manager program.

The Original Product Launch Formula Has Been Withdrawn

Jeff Walker launched the Product Launch Formula in October 2005 and it has been a major success but a few weeks ago (February 2008) Jeff pulled the original Product Launch Formula off the market for one very good reason.

Product Launch Formula 2.0 started its pre-launch on 28 February 2008

That’s right the new, updated and improved version of Product Launch Formula 2.0 started its pre-launch on 28 February.

What does that mean for you?

A chance to get some great information for free and perhaps even more important a masterclass from the recognised leading expert in how to launch a new product.

Jeff Walker has become the expert in product launches but in the last two and a half years since the original Product Launch Formula was released he has learnt a lot and the world has moved on with the development of Web 2.0.

So Product Launch Formula 2.0 reflects all the new learning and will help you to use the new phenomenon of social media to launch your new products.

Rich Schefren, one of my heroes, described the original version as “the most powerful marketing strategy I’ve ever come across” when he introduced Jeff Walker at the Strategic profits conference in July 2007.

So just imagine how good the new, improved version must be.

Link to the Product Launch Formula 2.0

This is a great opportunity to be able to watch the recognised expert or maven in new product launches conduct a masterclass as he launches the new, improved Product Launch Formula 2.0.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity if you have any interest in launching new products. Watch the video and make sure that you sign up to keep up to date with the launch. You don’t want to miss a vital step and Jeff is even promising to send you his Product Launch Blueprint for free.

Product Launch Formula 2.0
Sign up and watch the master in new product launches give a masterclass in how to launch a new product.

What is The Product Launch Formula?

Jeff Walker has clarified exactly what the new Product Launch Formula 2.0 is during his Q&A video.

It’s a 5-week online coaching program which will help you launch a successful product regardless of your niche or experience level.

There will be focused curriculum each week which I believe will be very intensive. Q&A sessions, hot-seats as Jeff takes people on the course and gives them focused attention both to help them and to provide a learning experience for the people not ready and videos.

There will also be the chance to watch Jeff work on a big $1 million launch and as they always say, much more.

Each week will focus on a different aspect of the product launch formula.

If miss a week it will all be online and fully downloadable so even if you can’t keep up with the schedule, you will get to share in everything that is going on.

Who Benefits From The Product Launch Formula?

  1. The rich and famous Internet millionaires
  2. Business consultants and business coaches
  3. Dentists
  4. Health food suppliers and raw food suppliers
  5. Personal trainers
  6. Massage therapists
  7. Anyone launching a new product
  8. Dating
  9. Wooden dolls
  10. Chiropractors

Big Launches From Tiny Lists

I thought you would like to see the recommended promotional email as part of the masterclass.

Last month was crazy… my inbox was STUFFED with all kinds of promotions for those big MEGA-LAUNCHES.

I’m sure all those guys made a million bucks with their launch.

But the thing I keep wondering is what happens to the little guy? Can just plain regular folks win with those kinds of launches?

Well I just saw a short video that gives the FINAL answer on that question. And I have to admit, I found it really shocking.

I mean a guy with a crazy obscure niche going from the food stamps line to a six figure income?

Go watch the video now:

Product Launch Formula (link removed to comply with Squidoo rules)

But before you go… one more thing: you don’t need to enter your email address to see the video – it’s completely free. But MAKE SURE that you do enter your email address anyway… the follow up “case study” is going to be even better than this first video.

Product Launch Formula

How can you resist? I know I can’t.

From Food Stamps to Six Figures…

This is the second email to promote the Product Launch Formula

You know how they say truth is stranger than fiction?

I just saw a video about a guy that went from being on Food Stamps to making a six-figure income in his Internet business.

Go check out the video now, there’s nothing for sale:

Product Launch Formula

This is an amazing “Case Study”. It was put together by Jeff Walker, who is pretty much the leader when it comes to putting out pure content Case Studies.

This video is COMPLETELY free… but you should definitely subscribe to Jeff’s list – because he has more full length non-guru case studies to send you.

And the really cool thing about those case studies is that you can learn first hand how to apply it to YOUR business.

So go watch the video and then subscribe to Jeff’s list:

Product Launch Formula

best regards,
Paul Simister

P.S. Food stamps to six figures is cool… but that’s just one of the amazing non-guru case studies in the video. How about a list to 312 people that generates way more than five figures?

Go watch it now

What You Will Learn From Watching The Product Launch Formula 2.0 Video

After a brief mention of the millionaire Internet launches, the focus is on the small launches.

The first story is about John and his medicinal herbs and plants business. He invented a board game and with hope marketing he sold less than $400 worth.

With boxes stacked throughout his house, he had to do something.

He bought the original Product Launch Formula and put it work within days and his re-launch attracted $20,000 of business.

Jeff then runs through a list of some of products launched with Product Launch Formula.

Then he tells the story of how one person with a list of 312 people, launched a product which generated $7,000 on Day 1 and now has recurring income of $60,000 per year from this product.

Jeff then takes you through his history of launches from the humble beginnings of $1,600 in his first launch to launches that generate millions.

The Second Product Launch Formula Video Was Released March 8th 2008

In this video Jeff is going to explain the “Horizontal Helix” which is good because I haven’t got a clue but Jeff promises to teach you and me how to use it in the video.

The second video is here:

Product Launch Formula Horizontal Helix

The 24-minute video shows how John went from dead-in-the-water up to a $20,000+ launch PLUS $3,500 a month.

If you opt-in you will get access to part two, which is an additional 23 minutes that show how John took his business up to six figures.

You actually get access to the full, nearly 48 minute video so it is easier to opt in and watch as much as you want.

What’s a Horizontal Helix?

This is the recommended email to introduce the second video.

This is crazy…

Last week, I sent you a link to Jeff Walker’s newest video about product launches…

You saw that, right?

I certainly hope so, because he just released a new video, and this video blows this thing wide open.

John when from food stamps to six figures using a brand new product launch method called the Horizontal Helix.

Yeah, I know. Sounds kinda techy. But then I watched the video. And I gotta tell you… this whole thing is as far from techy as it gets.

In fact, it’s so freakin’ simple, you’ll smack yourself on the forehead because you didn’t think of it first.

Go check it out now – it’s free and you don’t even need to give your email or anything…

Discover the Horizontal Helix

IMPORTANT: like I said above – you don’t have to enter your email or anything… but I think you’re crazy if you don’t go ahead and subscribe on that page. Because there’s a super-ninja part 2 of the video that you don’t want to miss.

Here’s the link again:

Discover the Horizontal Helix

best regards,
Paul Simister

P.S. I love this case study, because it shows that the “little guy” can still crush it using simple product launch strategies.

And what’s even more sweet about this video is that you can take this same strategy and use it in your own niche.

Don’t miss it:

Why You Should Watch The Horizontal Helix Model From The Product Launch Formula

The horizontal helix is a method for launching an entire business based on multiple launches building a staircase of revenue, getting higher and higher after each launch.

This case study is based on John Gallagher and his website www.learningherbs.com which is about educating people about the benefits of the different herbs.

This particular product launch is based around an educational board game.

John designed the game, ordered multiple sets which filled his house, launched it on his website and very little happened.

Under pressure from his wife to do something about the boxes, he ordered the Product Launch Formula and learnt how to launch the product properly.

The video basically consists of an interview with John with Jeff Walker adding points of clarification.

One essential point is that a list of buyers is 10 to 20 times more valuable than a list of prospects.

To get the second part of the case study you do have to enter your email and you will be taken straight to the next video.

One little niggle is that the second video repeats the content from the first so I recommend entering your email address and going straight to the full video.

When I watched, there were already 158 comments that had been made saying what a great and inspirational case study it was and this was in less than 24 hours of the email going out announcing it.

Are You Launching Products…Or Launching Markets?

So here we have the third video in the Product Launch Formula 2.0 launch and this time we have a Jeff Walker talking to famed Internet marketers Frank Kern and Eben Pagan.

The advice from the inside track is to just sign up and get access to the full video.

The “Lost” La Jolla Tapes
If you are old like me, you will remember the fuss Bob Dylan’s recording with The Band at Big Pink caused which were eventually released as the Basement Tapes album. The Lost La Jolla Tapes might not become so famous in the world but in the Internet marketing world, the geeks are asking “Who is Bob Dylan…?”

The Ultimate “Guru Brain Dump”

Here is the promotional email for the third Product Launch Formula 2.0 video. I told you this was going to be an interesting launch didn’t I?

Don’t know about you, but I can get REALLY sick of all the email I get about these big product launches.

However, sometimes you can get really cool free content. And I’ve got one for you that REALLY rocks. Check this out…

It’s a 75-minute free video with Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, and Eben Pagan. I guess they got together at some beach house and shot this pure content video.

It’s for Jeff Walker’s new Product Launch Formula 2.0… I don’t know how he convinced Kern and Pagan to shoot this video… because it’s nothing but a huge content-dump. These guys covered stuff that I’ve never heard before (and that I will be putting to use pretty much immediately).

Go check out the video here:

Product Launch – The Lost La Jolla Tapes

One more thing… you get a short video there, but you have to opt-in for the full video. Be sure that you do, it’s worth it. This full video rocks.

Here’s the link again:

Product Launch – The Lost La Jolla Tapes

best regards,
Paul Simister

P.S. One thing they talk about, which they call “the secret leverage point”… is how to get partners REALLY jacked up to promote your stuff:

Product Launch – The Lost La Jolla Tapes

Learn From The Master… Free

This is the next email to encourage you to check out the launch process


OK, you don’t get this kind of chance very often…

You’ve probably heard about Jeff Walker – he’s the guy who basically created the entire Product Launch phenomenon.

In other words, he’s the guy you can blame for all those emails pouring into your inbox every time there’s a big launch.

That stuff just didn’t even exist before Jeff invented it and started teaching people how to do it.

But you probably already know all of that.

Here’s something new, and this is where you can get a world-class education for free. You see, Jeff is getting ready to roll out the 2.0 version of his Product Launch Formula course.

And he’s using all his Jedi mind tricks to do it… which gives you the PERFECT opportunity to watch exactly how he does it.

You’re basically going to be watching a master at work, and it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s the link:

Product Launch Formula

Be sure you opt-in at that page, because this is just the start – you are going to want to watch his entire sequence…

Normally when Jeff does a launch, he’s completely behind the scenes… you don’t know that he’s the one pulling the strings. This time, however, you know this is a “Jeff Walker Launch” from start to finish – so you can study it carefully.

Here’s the link, go check it out now:

Product Launch Formula

best regards,
Paul Simister

P.S. One thing you might not know… those product launches work EVEN BETTER in little niches than they do in the “Internet Marketing” niche. In fact, Jeff makes exactly that point in his first pre-launch video:

Product Launch Formula

Product Launch Formula 2.1 & 2.2 Is Free For People Who Bought Product Launch Formula 2.0

Before the launches of Product Launch Formula 2.1 and 2.2 Jeff Walker made it clear to his Product Launch Formula 2.0 clients that the upgrade to 2.1 & 2.2 would be free.

That shows what kind of man Jeff Walker is with a determination to play it straight with clients and over-deliver.

Be Prepared For A Massive Program

The Product Launch Formula is massive with a stack of resources as Jeff takes you through the launch process step by step.

In some ways it is too big and even now in November I haven’t gone through all the 2.0 content (e.g. videos of a PLF conference) let alone looked at the original PLF DVDs I received as a bonus.

Keep Up With Jeff

If you are ready to do a launch (and my plans were postponed but I am now working on another), keep up with Jeff, submit your home work, ask questions on the coaching calls and try to get on a hot seat. The more interaction you can have with Jeff, the better.

If at all possible work at Jeff’s pace even if your actual launch is delayed for a while.

I was too passive because I was on other coaching programs at the time. My mistake so concentrate on Jeff. He tells you all you need to know and more.

Product Launch Formula Blueprint

Jeff Walker has now finished his video of the Product Launch Formula Blueprint
Product Launch Formula Blueprint
In fact it is two videos but Jeff will explain how the Product Launch Formula was developed and teach you how the Product Launch Formula works.

Even better you can download the videos to watch again and again although they are very big files.

For example Jeff gives you his alternative approach to a 30 page sales letter that 99% of people aren’t going to read.

Video 2 of the Product Launch Blueprint is outstanding as Jeff really explains the process in much more detail than I was expecting.

If he is prepared to give this much away free, imagine how good the whole Product Launch Formula must be.

Sideways Sales Letter

This is the first email copy to encourage people to view the Product Launch Blueprint video

Have you ever heard of a “sideways” sales letter?

I know it sounds strange, but I’m thinking there could be something to it.

I wouldn’t have thought so until I saw Jeff Walker’s product launch blueprint video:

Product Launch Blueprint

It’s a free video, and you don’t have to put in your email address or anything.

But you’re going to want to “subscribe” on the site to get the SECOND part where Jeff walks you through his famous mindmaps.

A “sideways” sales letter… I know, sounds weird.

But the way Jeff explains it… well it makes a lot more sense. And I gotta admit – getting a look at his Product Launch Blueprint was REALLY cool.

Here’s the link:

Product Launch Blueprint

best regards,
Paul Simister

P.S. Ever heard of “hope marketing”?

No, it’s not the name of a new character on your favorite soap opera. It’s what most of us are doing these days. And we’re failing miserably because of it.

Jeff talks about that stuff too. Check it out:

Product Launch Blueprint

The “Hope” Marketing Myth

This is the second suggested email to encourage people to see the Product Launch Blueprint.

How many times have you whispered these words to yourself as you released a new product?

“Boy, I hope this works…”

Yikes. Guilty here. Big time.

Truth is, sometimes we rely on hope more than proven tactics. And the result? Dismal sales, increased frustration, and a “this internet marketing stuff doesn’t work” mentality that will eventually make you give up entirely.

But what if there was a proven way to release a product that virtually guaranteed success?

And what if this system would work in any niche, for any product, in any country in the world?

And what if the guy who created it just HANDED you the durned thing–right now–instead of asking for a small fortune?

Oh baby, are YOU in for a surprise….

Product Launch Blueprint

In this free video, Jeff Walker opens the vault to reveal the insider secrets of his Product Launch Formula…

You’ll discover:

–How turning your sales letter “sideways” gives you the blueprint for a successful product launch

–Why “hope marketing” doesn’t work–and how to avoid it forever

–The hidden gold mine of “stacking” your launches

–Jeff’s personal step-by-step process for creating a million-dollar launch

All this and much more.

This is the good stuff, folks…actionable strategies and tactics you can take and apply to your own launches right now. And Jeff’s handing them to you on a silver platter.

Product Launch Blueprint

See you there…

best regards,
Paul Simister

P.S. Did you know that Jeff’s Product Launch Formula has been directly responsible for more than $100 million in launches since its release in 2005?

It’s true–$103 million to be exact. And counting.

Why? Because it WORKS–plain and simple. If you apply Jeff’s principles and follow the blueprint, then it’s practically a can’t miss situation.

And guess what? He’s handing you the blueprint right

And it doesn’t cost anything. It’s free.

Product Launch Blueprint

From Zero To Six Figures With No List

This video is a case study of Todd Brown as he launched into a new niche with no list, no website, no partners and little knowledge of the market.
The No List case study
Was Todd Brown successful? You bet he was.

Why You Should Watch The No List Video

Here is the recommended email to promote the No List video.

Lately, there’s been a lot of questions about Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula…

Is a big list required?

How much money do you have to spend?

How long does it take to launch a product?

Does it have to be a niche you’re familiar with?

How much can you make on your first day?

Well, this video answers each one.

And THEN some.

Product Launch Formula

In this one-hour-plus video case study, Jeff talks with internet entrepreneur Todd Brown, who went from zero to a full-blown six figure business with just one product launch.

Did you catch that? ZERO—->SIX FIGURES

And here’s how he did it.

Product Launch Formula

Now Todd wasn’t a complete beginner, but this was a new niche… he had no list, no web site, no partners, no contacts, and no real knowledge of the market.

But six weeks later he had a serious business. This is an amazing Case Study…

Product Launch Formula

One more thing… you can watch the entire video for free. You don’t even have to give up your email address or anything.

But you SHOULD go ahead and subscribe to Jeff’s stuff – because he has a bunch more AMAZING videos that you will get for free.

best regards,
Paul Simister

P.S. The first day of Todd’s launch, he made over $7,000.

Oh, and did I mention that’s RECURRING monthly income–not just a one shot deal?

You gotta hear this…

Product Launch Formula

The New Product Statistics Are Horrible

Did you know that launching a new product is one of the riskiest things you can do?

It offers exceptionally high rewards to the successful but a failed launch swallows up time, effort and money and lowers your motivation to try it again.

There are two vital aspects:

1. The solution to the problem – is it a great new solution to a common problem people will spend money to fix?

2. The product launch process – and that is where Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula excels.

According to the Harvard Business Review in 2004, only 1 in 10 new products are considered to be successful.

Your New Product – Blue Ocean or Red Ocean

In a great book “Blue Ocean Strategy” (see below) there are some statistics that look at the difference in launching in an existing highly competitive market (the red ocean) and launching into a new uncontested market (the blue ocean).

86% of new products studied were launched into the red ocean and created 62% of the increased revenues seen and 39% of the increased profits.

14% of new products launched created 38% of the extra revenue and a whopping 61% of the extra profit.

In products to profits ratio that is the difference between 0.45 and 4.36 so effectively products launched into blue oceans were nearly ten times as effective in increasing profit.

Success Stories For The Product Launch Formula

Imagine making $140,000 from an email list of just 800 people?

That’s what Jane Savoie did in the horse dressage market.

Jeff Walker has plenty of other stories of every day people making enough money to change their lives.

WARNING! Don’t Buy The Product Launch Formula If Your Product is Not Up To Standard

As I learn more about the Product Launch Formula, both in terms of what I read, the video case studies from Jeff and the big Internet Marketing launches I’ve analysed, I have realised just how powerful these techniques can be.

Jeff draws on Robert Cialdini’s work on persuasion and influence but the problem is it can be manipulative.

If you product is not up to standard, I urge you to forget about the Product Launch Formula and find ways to improve your product.

A “successful” launch of a poor product is bad for the customers who buy and could tarnish your name and reputation indefinitely.

Social media sites are just too powerful. While they promote the good, they can severely punish poor quality, the badly put-together, the scams and rip-offs.

If you have any doubts about the intrinsic value of your product and can’t back up your claims with genuine case studies and testimonials, then please, concentrate on improving your product.

So Just When Is The Product Launch Formula 2.0 Available To Buy?

This is part of the tease and the process.

The intended launch date has been postponed as Jeff has more great material he wants to share with us first.

I don’t think we can complain about that. The more free material and success stories we have about launching products and businesses the better.

Jeff has announced the date of the launch in his Product Launch Blueprint video (at the end of video 2)and it is…

Thursday March 27th, 2008

It is bound to be a big success so it will interesting to see what bonuses or price savings there will be for the fast movers.

Product Launch Formula
I recommend that you sign up to the Product Launch Formula email list to keep up to date with what is happening.

Product Launch Formula Launches March 27th, 2008 at 2:00 pm EST

The Product Launch Formula is being released on March 2007, 2008 at 2:00 pm EST so in proper UK time that is 6:00pm at night.

There is currently a 4 hour time difference between the UK and USA

You can check your times to US Eastern time here


Now here is the heads up.

Instead of just having a bunch of CDs & DVDs and reading material, this version of the product launch formula is a coaching program.

Time is limited and so are numbers.

Jeff is only going to have the launch open for just 24 hours and may be even less time than that. In some emails I have seen speculation that it may be fully booked in seven or eight hours.

This isn’t going to give you much time to make the buying decision so I recommend that you go back and watch all the key videos again.

The Product Launch Formula Offer

Included in the Product Launch Formula offer are:

1. The five weeks of video training

2. A swip file collection of all the emails, blogs etc from 5 launches generating over $10m

3. 5 Q&A sesions with Jeff

4. Rapid fore hotseats where Jeff will spend 20 minutes advising on your launch while others watch and learn

5. Watch Jeff work through a major launch (agreement not finalised)

6. The full blown PLF 2.0 case study as Jeff explains what he did and why throughout the Product Launch Formula promotion

7. Transcripts of every training module

8. 60 day access to the PLF Inner Sanctum

9. The complete Jeff Walker presentations from his 2007 Product Launch Live Workshop

Early bird bonuses

10. The original Product Launch Formula box set

11. Membership of a PLF mastermind group

As you can see, there is a lot included.

Product Launch Formula A Massive Success Despite The System Crash

Demand was so high that within minutes of the Product Launch Formula 2.0 being released their system crashed.

Yes I know this is often marketing hype but this time it is true. I was in mid transaction after entering my credit card details but before receiving the confirmation order.

The system was down for 35 minutes but even then it took me a few more tries to get the sales letter and order page loaded.

But now I have my copy and I’m ready to learn more of the Product Launch secrets.

Despite this the launch has been a massive success and was withdrawn from the market at midnight EST, just ten hours after it opened.

Working With Affiliates Behind The Scenes

Wow Jeff Walker is seriously connected and he has been having the big guns of Internet Marketing help promote his launch like Rich Schefren, StomperNet, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, John Reese, Nitro Marketing and many more.

I can’t claim to be able to compete with the massive lists of these people but it has been fascinating watching how Jeff has worked with has affiliates.

I was lucky in that I only became an affiliate shortly before the Product Launch Formula 2.0 was released but I was able to watch it all from the beginning.

Jeff has kept the affiliates informed every step of the way and as you can see above, has provided great copy for his affiliates to use as each new video came out.

Knowing what the “official” copy was meant that it was intriguing to see who used it and who preferred to plough their own path.

It is virtually impossible to keep a close relationship with all these Internet Marketing gurus so endorsement from your favourites is important. It did mean that if you were on many lists, you were receiving email after email telling you that the launch was happening which did start feeling like hype.

Introducing the Product Launch Formula Review

One of the ways I earn my money is by investing in and reviewing business development products like the Product Launch Formula.
Product Launch Formula Review
Read my review of my thoughts and progress as I work my way through the Product Launch Formula.

“Make your product launch irresistible with an irresistible offer”

Is Your Product Launch An Irresisitible Offer? It Needs To Be.

Jeff’s Product Launch Formula will help you build buzz and anticipation in your crowd of followers but your offer must still be irresistible.

If you have followed a launch, been interested and then walked away because the price was too high or you weren’t sure what you were getting for your money, you will know the losses a poor offer can cause.

I recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to get Mark Joyner’s best selling book “The Irresistible Offer” free of charge. The upsell training course is good and also gives you a bonus Viral Marketing course but do get the book – reviewers at Amazon.com love it – and it complements the Product Launch Formula well.

You may also be interested in Mark Joyner’s legendary book Mind Control Marketing as much of the Product Launch Formula works on the mind to want the product before it is available.

What’s Next For Jeff Walker?

It seems that the launch of the Product Launch Formula 2.0 has been a major success so what’s next for Jeff Walker.

Well first he has a coaching program to deliver starting April 7th.

Next he will keep working on a one-to-one basis with the major launches. If you have a multi million dollar project happening it would be crazy not to involve Jeff Walker.

For the rest of us who think in terms of five and six figure launches, I am sure that there will be another opportunity to learn the secrets of the Product Launch Formula as it continues to develop.

Any Other Questions About The Launch Of The Product Launch Formula

I have tried to keep you updated with the launch as it occurred but in the last 24 hours before launch, it did get very hectic.

I decided that I wasn’t going to be able to keep updating this Squidoo lens so if you have any questions about the launch that you think I can answer, please email me at paul@plancs.co.uk.

I’ll either send you a private email back or update this page.

The number of hits to this page has been incredible and it just shows the level of interest Jeff Walker created in the PLF 2.0.

How Joining Simpleology Can Help Make Your Product Launches More Effective

If you want to have a product launch, whether you have bought the Product Launch Formula or not, I want to introduce you to Simpleology.

Simpleology is the training company created by Mark Joyner, known as the Godfather of Internet Marketing. Mark has taken one step away from Internet marketing in that he is taking a much broader view of his business.

His book, The Irresistible Offer should be required reading for anyone wanting to do a product launch and Simpleology has an excellent time management course – an essential skill to help you get through all the work.

You can join Simpleology, get the Irresistible Offer and the time management course all for free at Simpleology. Do it now – I am confident that you won’t regret join Simpleology as it will help your product launch.

Building A Successful Internet Business

It was Rich Schefren, known as the guru to the Internet marketing gurus who introduced me to the ideas of Jeff Walker and the product launch formula and I understand that Jeff has been through the famous Business Growth System coaching program.

Rich Schefren became famous by spotting the problem why so many people try to make money on the Internet and fail – they are so busy chasing opportunities that they fail to decide what they really want and systemically build a business strategically.

I couldn’t agree more and I urge you to read the famous Internet Business Manifesto (affiliate link) – the famous free report which launched Rich Schefren and I’m told has been downloaded over 1 million times.

I also recommend you watch his latest webinar presentation – The 7 Steps To Unstoppable Income (and see if you can see my name)which leads into a promotion for the Business Growth System coaching program. Even if you have no interest in paying, the webinar is packed with valuable and thought-provoking information and well worth your time and attention if you really want to build a successful Internet business.

You may also want to read my Business Growth System Review on one of my blogs and my Rich Schefren blog – I am quite a fan.

Another of my favourite Internet marketing gurus is Ryan Deiss because of his emphasis on testing what works and sharing the results with his followers. I recommend that you take a look at Digital Marketer.

Disclosure – Jeff Walker & Product Launch Formula

I am an affiliate for Jeff Walker and the Product Launch Formula and that means that if you buy after clicking through from one of my links, I will earn a commission fee for the introduction.

I bought Product Launch Formula 2.0 and since then Jeff has given me and his other PLF customers free access to PLF 2.1 and PLF 2.2. Jeff was also kind enough to send me a very nice hamper for Christmas.

Please assume that I am an affiliate for other programs mentioned on this page and that I will gain if you buy.

I am also an affiliate for Rich Schefren and Mark Joyner and Simpleology and other programs.

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