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Redesign to Turnaround by Regis Quirin

The full title of this book by Regis Quirin is

Redesign to Turnaround Underperforming Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book only One Star.

Here is my book review.

It needs better editing

This is an important topic since too many business owners struggle to achieve consistently high numbers. Unfortunately the book would benefit from a tough editor because it doesn’t read smoothly.

It takes a lot of effort to write a book but self-publishing and especially Kindle publishing mean that a lot of people are able to get books into the market when either a) they are not natural writers or b) don’t have much to say.

This book falls into the first category. Sentence structure is poor and sentences in a paragraph don’t flow together. Too often the subject jumps.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s me with the problem. This is the first review on the Amazon.co.uk website so I went to see what was being said on Amazon.com. There it has five reviews, all giving the book five stars but suspiciously, four were all written within a few days in one month and three of the people hadn’t reviewed anything else.

Let me give you an example, from around where I gave up. (Kindle location 233). The author has just been explaining various financial measures and this section is in no way the worst of what I’ve read so far.

“Once you lock down the finances, production data is the next piece to understand. In the normal course of business, your firm produces data. By understanding this information, you can understand your position in the market, how to improve internal processes and how to better target market.

The most logical place to start to use production data is to calculate market share. Depending on your business, you may find that data providers already exist that generate statistics on the size of your industry. However, if this information is not available by a third party resource, attempt to obtain information from your local industry trade group or government agencies.

Based on this information, you can learn – Among all competitors, how you compare? Who is the #1 competitor? Which geographies are you strongest vs. which geographies are you weakest?

You will find these questions are only a start. Once they are answered, more questions will come to mind.”

I didn’t have the patience to keep reading and I urge the author to get the book professionally edited. It will be a painful process as few sentences will be left untouched.

Perhaps I am being unnecessarily picky today but if you’re at all interested in turnaround, I urge you to try the Kindle sample for yourself before you buy it.




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