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Resisting Pricing Pressure in Recession & Recovery by Rupert M Hart

In my review of the book

Resisting Pricing Pressure in Recession & Recovery

by Rupert M Hart posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Three Stars.

Here is my review.

An important topic but the book could be better

Pricing policy is often made without much thought at the best of times. It becomes critical in a recession when volumes are down, customers are very price conscious and want reductions and competitors are a hair trigger away from starting a price war.

There is plenty of useful information in this book which can help you to think through your price strategies.

If you’re keen on correct grammar, this book will be a struggle. Even though I read the kindle version, I was itching to get my red pen out to highlight issues for correction.

Note to the author – if I was you, I’d get someone to edit the book for you. There are some valuable ideas here that business owners and managers need to understand. I don’t think the next recession is too far away so purchases could pick up.

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