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Rich Schefren Audio Dispatches

If you’ve been a member of Rich Schefren’s Founders Club, you’ll know how good his audio dispatches are each week.

Rich is probably the most thoughtful of the Internet marketing gurus and one of the three that I give most attention to (the others are Ryan Deiss and Glenn Livingston if you wondered).

Each week he sends out a short, thought-provoking mp3 recording with a pdf transcript if you prefer to read.

These are the short briefings he prepares for his private coaching clients before he starts the Q&A sessions and he thought it would be a good idea to share them with Founders Club members.


Rich Schefren Audio Dispatches

He has now built up a sizeable stack of messages – you can see the first fourteen in the screen capture below. [Update June 2013 Rich is now up to over 130 audio dispatches)

As you can see, Rich gives himself a wide brief that covers most aspects of entrepreneurship and it’s not limited to the latest techniques to get more traffic. That’s why I think being a member of the Founders Club is suitable for all ambitious entrepreneurs who want to open up their minds.

I distinguish entrepreneurs from small business owners although there can be a crossover. Entrepreneurs may own a small business but they want it to be bigger. Many small business owners want more sales and profit but don’t want to own a big business.

Promoting The Founders Club

At the moment Rich is using one of his clients only reports to promote membership of the Founders Club.


It is called “The Hidden Obstacles To Your Success”.

It is excellent but it’s also frightening.

It challenges the way you’ve been thinking and is packed with aha moments when you realise that you’ve been held back by a misconception of a false belief.

It may not be very pleasant reading but I believe you’ll be glad that you read it.

At least you know that you can start making changes.

I recommend you give it a try.

Join The Founders Club TODAY – affiliate link

If you click on the link and join, I will earn a small commission. I like getting paid money but that’s not why I recommend Rich Schefren to you.

As I said at the top, he is one of the three Internet marketing gurus I pay most attention to. You have to choose because you’ll go crazy otherwise, pulled here, there and everywhere.

I recommend that you make Rich Schefren one of the very few you give your attention to.

Join The Founders Club TODAY – affiliate link

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