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Rich Schefren Founders Club from Strategic Profits

Rich Schefren made his name with his Business Growth coaching program.

>>> Business Growth System Review – Rich Schefren Coaching

Since then he has launched products like the Business Acceleration Program, Maven Marketing and the Guided Profit System.

He’s also had a monthly membership club called the Founders Club that, in my view has never received the attention that it deserved.

The Original Founders Club

The original Founders Club concept had three elements:

  • Special advanced reports about entrepreneurship and marketing from Rich Schefren. He’s a guy who loves to research and share his learning. These appeared every two months.
  • Alternative months, there was a Rich Schefren letter that had more focus on Internet marketing and what was happening.
  • Tactical webinars done by Rich Schefren or his VP of marketing, Todd Brown about the ways to get more traffic and to convert it into paying customers. I saw this as a great complement to the strategic approach to building an Internet business that he covered in the Business Growth System training.

Todd left the company and Rich was unsure where to take the Founders Club.

Some months later, a new version appeared.

The Founders Club 2.0

This updated version has a different approach.

You still have access to some of his great “clients only” reports.

>>> The Hidden Obstacles To Your Success by Rich Schefren

>>>  Your Business Blueprint by Rich Schefren

But now he was focused on providing a weekly update in the form of what he calls Audio Dispatches.

>>> Rich Schefren Audio Dispatches

These are his ideas on becoming a more successful entrepreneur that he shares with his private coaching clients before going into long Q&A sessions.

The idea is to help advance their thinking about areas that could be holding them back and limiting their success.

I recommend you check out the Founders Club – affiliate link

Based on my experience as an affiliate I can tell you, some people only stay a member for a month. Others stay in the club for many months.

I’d Like Your Feedback

If you decide to give it a try, I’d like your feedback.

I am a very long term client of Rich and bought many of his early courses. I am also a prize-winning affiliate.

I therefore have access to both the old Founders Club material and the new Founders Club 2.0. I’m not sure that new members get this so I have tried to keep it to a minimum in what I say.

Unfortunately this means that I haven’t given it as strong an endorsement as it deserves.

My view is that if you’re serious about becoming an Internet entrepreneur with a proper business, you need to pay attention to Rich Schefren.

The Founders Club is a great way to dip your feet on a low cost basis.

>>> Founders Club – affiliate link

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